@davidskg10 @jason123santa plenty more FOSS projects. Try the profile search with the #foss tag to find a bunch of them. Out of my head: @exodus @Tutanota @k9mail @gadgetbridge @codeberg @gitea @gsantner @nextcloud @Fairphone … the list could be continued over multiple toots.

@IzzyOnDroid thanks, although tagging them may be an intrusion, I'll check them out. :)

@davidskg10 Indeed, tagging them all felt a bit weird to me. The alternative would have been including the URLs to their profiles maybe. Luckily, nobody seems to have felt offended, 2 even sent back a "fave" 😃

You can check their profiles to see which of them meets your interests. And as pointed out: looking who uses the #foss hash-tag in their toots will certainly bring up more. Unfortunately I found no way to filter the profile directory by hash tag…

@IzzyOnDroid Thanks! It's okay! I will check them one by one. Cheers!

@davidskg10 I’m being snarky :-) I work for Red Hat so pretty much everything I work on is FOSS-related. My specific team has a bunch of stuff going at GitHub; you can check it out here: github.com/redhat-et

Me, three main I'm still working on (all on savannah.nongnu.org), plus few others a bit dormant.

@AAMfP why is it dormant? Can you keep me updated on savannah?

Those dormant projects is mostly because of lack of time.


Savannah is the reference repo for GNU projects with Git, Mercurial or SVN, news, mailing list, bugs page, ... And even non-GNU projects can submit, if they are free software, with manual review and approval of each!
Old style interface, but I like the free software "guarantee". It's not only pasting a random license file, but there's a volunteer that will check if all your files have a free license!

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