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@sotolf @derek never tried bspwm is that much more difficult to setup. I am open to new window managers.

I am new to tiling windows managers, but loving it so far. I am using Zorin 16 core as my base and then installed the Regolith desktop on top of that. I recently got a 34" ultrawide, and what I would like is to be able to "pin" an app like telegram to show on all desktops. I cannot seem to figure this out. any tiling experts out there that can help me @derek

Has anyone else stopped getting excited about new tech? It's just like "cool, a new thing to invade my privacy".

Finally getting rid of dropbox. Moving all my data to next cloud via webdav from a usb backup drive. Slow but at least it will be mine again.

just got two used (mint cond though) HP24m IPS monitors to replace some older Asus 24 units that started to fail after 10years. IPS is amazing, and the fact I paid less then $75 per monitor is even more amazing

rpi3b+, rpi4 (2gb) or Odroid xu4... looking to setup a small classroom for basics. They are all about the same cost. I have one xu4 now for my personal network and love it, but was thinking the rpi4 might be nice to have for this also. Anyone got thoughts pro/con? wireless is not gonna be used so could careless about that.

@dasgeek when do the peaches come into peak down there. Might be worth the drive from Virginia for some fruit and a linux&coffee session.

Every morning my wife sends me a photo of our youngest cat sleeping with her. This cat hates to be picked up but clearly is a snuggler..

Anyone got suggestions for a quality VPS prefer east coast USA.. linode, do, and vultr I already use. Refuse to use Azure, Amazon and Google Compute. Also must be KVM (no openVZ)

8hrs away from my first 10 day vacation in nearly a decade. I have great plans to destroy my network and rebuild my router, pihole, vpn and upgrade the @nextcloud ... First step is a day of sleeping.. next have to fix the ethernet jacks in the house as everything is on wireless right now.

"Freedom browser" series part 3!

The developer of aforementioned Librefox seems to have DISAPPEARED.

The community is wondering whether Mozilla (makers of Firefox) is behind it.

Yes: Mozilla has been very sketchy on recent times.

They were supposed to be the big torchbearer for freedom but have in opinion of many actually turned against the people.

Meet LIBREWOLF. A forked Librefox, then.

#LibreWolf #Firefox #freespeech #opensource #deleteMozilla #privacy

Well we got confirmation our cat was killed by a car and our neighbors buried him. So sad to know he is gone. I will miss zephyr alot.

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Why is it even the cat you are the least fond of tugs at your heart hard when they are missing. Our 2yrnold orange tabby got out wed night and normally he runs around the yard and comes back. Been 48hr now and he is still missing. Love this weirdo and want him back!!

I need to get a @pixelfed account setup so I can properly show off my food pics. Today was chicken breasts done one a charcoal grill with offset heat. Takes 90min to cook properly but do my gosh so good. Tried a new seasoning today for the chicken. Usually just salt and pepper with some cherry wood. I think they turned out amazing

so while trying to get outline vpn working so I can vpn into my home office and hit my non public nextcloud box I am managed to hose the routing... now running arcolinux and so far everything is working. I will find some way to mess this one up too.

I think my new love of minimalism got nirvana today. Playing with nirvana launcher on my s9+ and it is slick.

So trying clear linux on a USB stick and holy crud that is fast. Went to install it gi e it a bare metal experience on the y system76 gali pro and says it cannot find the efi bios. Everything in this box is Intel except the HD now. Gonna try on a nuc instead.

was inspired by @dasgeek with his and so ordered some drives to put in a 6 core AMD machine with 32GB of ram. Love my synology units, but they are deadly slow. Trying to make the switch to @nextcloud fully and so this will help with that.

thanks to whoever packed up youtube-dl to a snap. The version in the repos for Mate is erroring out, but uninstalled from repo, installed snap and back to grabbing like normal.

I am running @ubuntumate and loving it. From a stability standpoint is it best to use snaps for apps, or the repos? I have stuck with snaps on Gnome as it seemed to help. Oddly the Mate Software Boutique cannot tell I have a number of snaps that match installed such as browser. About to move my wife from OSX to MATE and so want it rock solid. Any advice from the community and devs would be appreciated. @Wimpy @popey

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