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"In 1946, China recognized the independence of Mongolia, shrinking the area west of the Hu Line. Still, in 2015, 94 percent of the population lived east of the line. While the country overall is ethnically very homogenous – 92 percent are Han Chinese – most of the 8 percent that make up China's ethnic minorities live west of the line."

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In 1935, demographer Hu Huanyong drew a line across a map of China. The Hu Line is arguably the most consequential feature of China's geography, with demographic, economic, cultural, and political implications for the country's past, present, and future. Yet you won't find it on any official map of China, nor on the actual terrain of the People's Republic itself.

It's easy for governments to wage wars because they no longer need to convince citizens to fund them—they can just steal from savers through inflation and debt.

Don't let them take your money to fight their wars. Support peace by holding bitcoin.
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I really want to try this extension, but I have a feeling that I'd get super sick of seeing that "blocked" screen pretty quickly.


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