Is there a way to update apps installed with f-Droid without having to go to the install screen, explicitly hit install, and wait for it to fully install?

It's not that much of a hassle, but if there are a lot of updates, it can be annoying to have to do that for each and every one individually.

Consider Store as an alternative to .

What it is:
- it is a Google Play Store mirror
- open source and free
- no tracking
- available on F-Droid ()
- works without a Google account
- doesn't need Google Play Services (nor )
- not recommended: you can log in with a Google account if you wish
- UI is way easier to navigate compared to Google's Store

@swashberry If you search for a twitter handle and add to it, you can follow the public posts of that handle in the fedi.

Everything file scanned on "your" cloud. To protect you. Flagging may happen if you encrypt the data yourself in a way that thwarts scanning (to protect you 😆 ).

Due to a bug in Outlook, Tutanota users were not able to forward emails to Outlook 365. If you were affected by this, please try again as it seems like Microsoft has fixed the issue now.

I really dont get why people would prefer zoom over something like for basic confrences

PLUG April is Thu @ 19:00 AZ time (UTC-7)

"Fedora and Future of Operating Systems"

OSes aren't the end of the Linux dev pipeline. As we move to abstraction technologies, what are OS makers to do? Ben describes how the Fedora Project views the future of the Linux distro, why it’s still relevant, and how we’re going to get there

The Free Software and our are a week from Tue

China's Digital Currency Has Nothing To Do With Bitcoin

"The digital Yuan is not a peer-to-peer currency."

"The digital Yuan permits a new method for surveilling the population."

Chart: China First Major Economy to Issue Digital Currency

#Bitcoin :bitcoin: #Onramp #Offramp #China #Chinese #DCEP #CBDC #CNY #Yuan #DigitalYuan #DigitalCurrency #CNY #Statista #ZeroHedge

The virus was a fantastic gift to tattletales and busybodies, who were suddenly allowed to wander about scolding everyone. Like their troll cousins, I'm not sure that after having tasted such power the Scolds will willingly return to their miserable little holes, but banishing them will be this year's task.

Krita is a free open source professional painting and drawing app for illustrators and 2D animators. It has a big presence on the Fediverse:

➡️ @Krita (main account)

➡️ @kritafoundation (video account)

➡️ @Krita_artists (community account)

Krita is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. You can download from the official site at

#Krita #Art #Painting #Drawing #Illustration #Raster #Graphics #Animation #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Productivity #Videos

It took eight long years to tabulate the 1880 census. 1890's was expected to take longer. Frustrated by the pace, Herman Hollerith began designing a machine in 1881 that could automatically tabulate data using punch cards.

Inspired by the silk looms of Joseph-Marie Jacquard, which controlled warp and weft by a pattern of holes in a string of cards, Hollerith's machine was successful, and the 1890 census was tabulated in a single year. The company he founded would become part of IBM in 1924.

(Art) The Sci-Fi Megatech of JC Park

Korean artist JC Jongwong Park imagines giant tech, from the ever-popular enormous spaceship to behemoth alien architectures. The large scale of his creations creates a sense of awe and power, even as they are contrasted with the mundane, such as the giant robot being moved on a highway or a restaurant overlooking planet earth, reminding us of why we love sci-fi.

On the blog:

Today the biggest is the state and Chinese people are boycotting the many dress and shoes companies’ refusal of adopting the cotton from , .

I appreciate these companies and say thank you for their concern on the issue of forced labor and coercive governance there.

Truth is truth, it will get visible sooner or later.

When I refactored the #BlenderBIM Add-on at the start of the year, I fully decoupled the code that manipulates #BIM open data standards from Blender. The end result is that now there is a high level, expressive free software API for the entire industry to automate, generate, and manipulate BIM data. It's still early days, but the future is bright!

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