After much deliberation I have decided to move instances. @fosstodon has been a wonderful home. I've been thinking about it for a while and the reason I decided to do it is because while I love open source software I am not much of a coder. I have decided to make my new home at . I feel like I will be able to contribute more to the overall conversation there than I do here. Thanks so much for being a wonderful home.

Finally got my p25 decoder to work on my rtlSFR so i can listen to the local poliece. At least till they go encrypted

What is this Jami thing? Decentralized Skype? What about something like a signal?

Dairyqueen blizzards taste good after failing ro move a couch with @bluedragongirl

Have I mentioned how much I hate building with Java, Gradle, and ant? Well, if I haven't, I hate it. I was trying to compile the JMBE library for decoding p25 with sdrtrunk on and the darn thing just kept giving me fatal errors. I tried several different versions a couple used Gradle and a couple used ant.

All right, sounds like the next couple of days will be screwing with Apache. I have my domain, I have a virtual server. I can't break it terribly right? Right? I'm going to see if I can learn how to set up multiple websites on a single server, encrypt all of them with SSL and do other fun things. It's been awhile since I've dicked around with this kind of stuff

So, I have my own domain and I was properly able to point it at my own cloud instance at what I wanted to do was create a subdomain at and pointed to my Mastodon profile here at Would that be an "A" record or a "CNAME" record?

Hello again! I'm not super active here or on the air, but I figured I would toot. I'm located in northwestern #Minnesota, USA. #introductions

Does anyone know of any publicly available nextcloud instances? I'd like to join one and get rid of Google Drive and Dropbox. If one doesn't exist I might consider setting one up and getting a small team of admins to help me with it.

Passed my Technician test for Amateur Radio this weekend! Hoping I have a callsign when I wake up tomorrow!

Oh look, is a year old!

I posted the first toot here a year ago yesterday.


Can instances somehow set default privacy settings? I texted my friend this morning because my Mastodon app was telling me they only had one follower and that was me. But, they told me that they had around 20 followers and the only thing I can think of is that they set a privacy setting or their instance set a privacy setting by default. But, I see other instances where you can see the amount of people who follow somebody

Spent way too long fighting with a form that seems designed to make me want to scream and throw things. Some edit fields repeatedly redirect you to a page about accepting cookies when you click them, not just a pop-up but a whole new URL! That’s only one example of the madness.

is the best argument for why a nation's money should not be controlled by its own government.

I think Mac is actually the worst elements of both Windows and Linux without the upsides of either.

i had to told my brother and parents that no:
if you use tor the police is not gonna arrest you
no the chinese are not gonna hack into your computer
no its not illegal
yes people use if for illegal purposes but its a bout 10%

and that every mail and sms you send are saved and the police can acess it if you commit a crime

they dint believe me

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