I must admit that implementing btrfs (luks lvm) on 18.04 has worked much better than on . No crashes or infinite loops during shutdown.

@davey I don't have this issue on my openSUSE machine. I am running btrfs and ext4 for my home folder. Also luks and lvm.

I am running Leap not Tumbleweed.


On both my ryzen laptop and desktop... I have experienced this. Which sucks because I fell in love with linux because of OpenSUSE.

@davey This is weird. My desktop has Ryzen CPU too.

Did you check your logs or dmesg for any hints?


Initially yes... all I could find was a problem with plymouth. Uninstalled it and kept getting the same problem. They just put it down to specific acpi tables on certain ryzen boards. I lucked out with 2... both my laptop and desktop

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