You're white = you hate PoC

You're male = you are a woman hating mysoginist

You're straight = you hate the LGBTQ2 (sorry if thats missing a group).

You're a white male = you are priviledged

You're conservative = you support Trump

You're a Christian = you hate everyone.

These are the assumptions people on the fediverse have trolled me over.

No matter who you are or what you say, someone is going to disagree with you. Someone is going to troll you. There are trolls in every community.


I'm staying on Fosstodon whether I agree or disagree with what Kev said. I'm here because I wanted to be a part of a community around one of my passions.

Thats why this place exists. There are people from all different walks... lets show grace towards each other, even if we disagree.

Some of you guys scream inclusion (which I strongly support) but in the same breath troll someone who disagrees with you on a issue.

Lets show grace, tone down being self-absorbed and keep it focused on FOSS.

I think their not trolls but people that actually believe in deplatforming you and hate you for your opinions and for being what you are.
Sincerely I can't understand that type of people, I think we all can discuss and not try to kill us when we disagree and say bad things.

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