So I was messing around doing speed tests with a digitalocean pihole-openvpn droplet and the droplet (hosted in Singapore) was just as fast as my ISP here in Canada. Hmm...

Anyone know of a good tutorial to get plasma running on ?

Fedora and Opensuse allow you to do a fresh install over multiple hard drives -

what are the benefits and risks (I know a couple) over doing this rather than mounting the other drive via your fstab?

Has anyone done the multiple drive install?

An early ...

Loaded Solus Plasma on my Laptop. I'm digging it!

I just have to work out the dual boot thing with Windows on another SSD.

Might have to show my KDE Neon desktop tomorrow.

I like how Solus doesnt use discover in its implementation of Plasma. It is so much nicer...

Man I'm impressed with Solus' plasma implementation... Im finding it way snappier and quicker than Arch.

Best Plasma implementation going around?

Is it me or is the no-systemd crowd very vocal? I dont think I have ever heard a systemd person complain about runit etc. like the no-systemd crowd do with systemd... what gives?

Word processing on linux is worse than on windows. Just throwing that out there. FML

Calmed down after the election. Cant believe is a trending thing here in Alberta. A divided country focussed on selfish regional interests.

Im still half asleep but did I just read that Project Trident is rebasing off Void Linux?

Resources, tips, tricks to get a solid desktop up and running

Another podcast from @DestinationLinux that is bashing @ubuntu for not being a rolling release.

I thought the point of the hwe stack was to backport the hardware stuff in the newer kernels back to the LTS.

Is that right @popey @Wimpy ?


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CBC's political compass isn't all that helpful....

So when you're doing a fresh install of your favourite Linux distro (or *BSD), do you do anything extra in the install process beyond the norm?

e.g. on any of my ubuntu based desktops, I will install btrfs as the root filesystem. Actually I try to do that with all my desktop installs.

Man I like the Destination Linux podcast but man they are misinformed. No, doesnt need a rolling release to compete with Red Hat/Fedora and the new CentOS Stream. Total dribble last episode.

@kev @mike @ohyran @Gina

Hey Awesome Fosstodon Admin team! I was wondering if you could add the ghostbsd logo into the Fosstondon emoji set? Pretty please ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

Need help from my Aussie countrymen/women...

Im taking my girls home to Aus for Christmas this year and need a list of Aussie sayings and words to teach them before we go.

So what have you?

P.S. I will do bodily harm to anyone who says 'Koala Bear' or 'Put another shrimp of the barbie'

When you start binge watching a series with your wife and wonder if you should be handing in your 'man card' because you like it....

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