My wife just informed me that she volunteered me to help with the kindergarten field trip tomorrow... kids at a pettimg zoo/farm. Yipeee!

Now that I have this sweet set up on this gifted thinkpad, my mind cannot stop thinking about finding some bsd related stickers for it! Yes I am 12 years old....

Thanks to everyone for their help yesterday. Took posession of the thinkpad and installing went smooth. Will be putting XFCE on it shortly... what other things should I do on a new install?

Was gifted a thinkpad that is a few years old. Thinking of putting on it. What is the support like for nvidia graphics on ?

Has anyone here dual booted with ? Do you use grub, refined or something else?

When you leave your new desktop case open and then go for a walk, only to find that your curious special needs kid has disconnected a bunch of cables... what a mess!

Bedtime tonight with the 5yo...

Her: Boys have a penis right?
Wife: Yes
Her: Daddy is a boy, so does he have a penis?
Her: Is it big?
(As I walk into the room)
Wife: No
(Walk out of room, ego deflated).

Alrighty... Xubuntu on my main laptop and desktop, OpenBSD on my drunken gearbest buy (laptop). End of the year. No changes. Lets do this!

Any users of syncthing here? Thoughts?

Any or people around Calgary? Or familiarity with the local user groups here?

Proud Dad, Shameless Use of my Kids... 

Distrohopping is a distraction... going to try to use the one distro on my laptop and desktop until the end of the year. Wish me luck, because this is going to be hard!

Finished building my desktop. Though it has modest specs, its the first computer that I have owned that is capable of allowing me to seriously game....

Whats the support like on pc-like tablets (eg ASUS transformer) within the *BSDs?

If you had to choose... which monitor conection... vga or dvi?

Scored! Dont you love it when you find a stick of 16gb ram just laying around the home office. Now my laptop has 24gb.

Pick up the last of the components that I need for my new desktop today. Though it was totally unintentional, I now have zero intel products between my laptop and desktop...

Staples Canada had 50% office chairs. So I decided to splurge today...

Built a new development/learning desktop last week... has on one SSD, am in the process of putting on the second and am wondering about the 3rd...

What should I put on this 3rd?

Im tossing up between Opensuse Tumbleweed or Arch. Mainly Python, Go and stuff for Openstack and Blockchain.

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