Another podcast from @DestinationLinux that is bashing @ubuntu for not being a rolling release.

I thought the point of the hwe stack was to backport the hardware stuff in the newer kernels back to the LTS.

Is that right @popey @Wimpy ?


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CBC's political compass isn't all that helpful....

So when you're doing a fresh install of your favourite Linux distro (or *BSD), do you do anything extra in the install process beyond the norm?

e.g. on any of my ubuntu based desktops, I will install btrfs as the root filesystem. Actually I try to do that with all my desktop installs.

Man I like the Destination Linux podcast but man they are misinformed. No, doesnt need a rolling release to compete with Red Hat/Fedora and the new CentOS Stream. Total dribble last episode.

@kev @mike @ohyran @Gina

Hey Awesome Fosstodon Admin team! I was wondering if you could add the ghostbsd logo into the Fosstondon emoji set? Pretty please ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

Need help from my Aussie countrymen/women...

Im taking my girls home to Aus for Christmas this year and need a list of Aussie sayings and words to teach them before we go.

So what have you?

P.S. I will do bodily harm to anyone who says 'Koala Bear' or 'Put another shrimp of the barbie'

When you start binge watching a series with your wife and wonder if you should be handing in your 'man card' because you like it....

Ok who is on pixelfed? Looking to follow some people... leave a link and Ill do the rest

I'm at @dajmwinter

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While we are waiting for our older sister to finish guitar lessons, why don't we try posting to #pixelfed via the #fedilab app.

Why is the resource usage of and its derivatives 4x that of Linux, OpenBSD and NetBSD?

Sitting in a Cybersecurity class today and have a couple of questions for all you Linux users:

How do you secure your system?

Do you use antivirus or anti-malware on your Linux system?

Lots of arguing about this in class

And with that we have gone from Summer straight into Winter. Groan we have snow...

You bunch of heathens - mixing gtk with qt. You should be ashamed!

Just Joking. Thanks for the suggestions. Will probably stick with thunderbird

Whats a good alternative to Kmail on plasma?

Playing around with Cockpit tonight...

Now after that bsides session I'm going to be batshit paranoid that my IOT devices are going to kill me.

Its so going to be my toothbrush isnt it?

Its been almost 10 years since I lived in Edmonton. They have these 'kiss and go' drop offs at the transit centers.... or as my wife calls them "hookers with briefcases area"

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