My thoughts on the Apple walled garden after spending a couple of years in the iOS ecosystem.

@kev I have my misgivings about iOS (which I have used as part of my past work), but your point in the last paragraph is commendable.

If AOSP was properly implemented, Android would be a cohesive OS. G*****'s co-opting of the experience is why it's insecure.


@masstransitkrow @kev What needs to happen is some open source company needs to partner with a hardware vendor to sell a well designed, fully functional version of AOSP (looking at you, @e_mydata)

@daver98 @kev @e_mydata and license the code under AGPLv3 so we don't have the poaching issues that Amazon and G***** are known for.

We also have to overcome adoption barriers that are either the result of bugs or deliberate traps by G*****.

Seeing what they did to that smart glasses company this past May should scare the 💩 out of people.

That M&A was a crime against innovation.

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