I've been enjoying using and via the free hosted option from @e_mydata . It's really good!

.@System76@twitter.com is hiring right now for a remote position for the customer support team. If you've ever wanted to work for S76 then here ya go.

More details at the DLN Forum: discourse.destinationlinux.net

The Ugandan government has continued to block social media sites after partially restoring internet connectivity. Direct Tor connections are working, so you can use Tor Browser to get around this censorship without using a bridge.


Straw men fallacies are prevalent in discussions. They occur when one misrepresents the side one opposes to make it easier to defeat than it really is.

This is most easy when dealing with broadly-defined opponents who are not represented in the audience.

> Those who promote capitalism just want to oppress the poor and control society.

> Those anti-capitalists are just against freedom and a hard work and want the state to own everything.

The idea is that you are putting up a fake, weak opponent made of straw, and beating it up, hoping others think you are beating down a real argument.

Unfortunately, we can often only see fallacies when they are used against us, and accept them when they are used against our opponents.

Solution: Listen to opponents. And argue against real arguments instead of ones you make up for the other side.

#logic #fallacy

I just made the spur of the moment decision to put Pop!_Os on my surface pro 3 to remove the last Windows install I have on my equipment. Time for some adventure.

Working with @Jose__Exposito@twitter.com on settings for gestures. Don't forget you can support his work on this here: github.com/sponsors/JoseExposi

is that a matrix in your pinecones? it's aaallllllllliiiiiiiivvveeeeeee

If you're unfamiliar with the tilvids.com/ peertube instance, you are advised to peruse it

Random Shower Thought:
With a car, you can explore a country.
With a plane, you can explore the world.
With a telescope, you can explore the universe.

just posted a bunch of videos on their YouTube channel. So far I enjoyed this one about FlatHub youtu.be/IqHEx-Lug8k

YOUTUBE-DL IS BACK 🎉 :boosts_ok_gay:

GitHub's response here is pretty phenomenal. They're working to reform the law, donating to the EFF and Software Freedom Law Center, and enacting specific strict policies specifically for DMCA takedown notices centered around §1201. Stellar job.


I have to reiterate how incredible this @starlabsltd@twitter.com Star LabTop Mk IV is. Running stock @elementary@twitter.com OS 5.1 out of the box. Extremely smooth trackpad—both physically and in software. Exceptional packaging, unboxing experience, and hardware quality. Super solid and well-built.

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