steamHaving been won over by The Atlas Mystery after an update I've decided to keep plugging away at it, despite being really bad at puzzle games like this...

"I could talk about my world
How you brought about ruin
I could talk about your greed
If you want me to?"

Weekly goal hit with plenty to spare.

@cyclical_obsessive 640x480 with any colour would have been amazing. My first flight sim was even worse. 😉

And I bloody loved it.

@cyclical_obsessive In the headset everything looks 3D and very physical. Don't forget in the image here you're only going to be seeing one eye (this is recorded from the PC preview window, not the headset). I imagine the "distortion" is important to feeding each eye an image that tricks it into seeing physical depth.

Another visit to Ultrawings 2, in which I ignore the recently-acquired terrifying aircraft.

@wholesomedonut Picked this up at my local Tesco. It's not bad actually. Perhaps a bit light in taste (as in a bit watery) but tastes good and is nicely refreshing.

Ahh... that thing where someone gets *so* close to getting the point, even to the point of writing it in their own text, and then not actually seeing it...

Are subtoots a thing BTW?

@darkwiiplayer Hmm, with terms like "idiots" and "sane" being thrown about I suspect we're not going to have a terribly productive conversation about why it would be a reasonable interpretation,.even if ultimately wrong.

@darkwiiplayer It's a perfectly valid interpretation, I'd say. And for anyone long enough in the software development game not even too bizarre; that sort of bias shows up all over the place.

Eg: keep an eye out for gender drop-downs and notice the order of choices, in some places.

My general point being though: title and gender and stuff like that should *never* be key information. Devs can and should know better. Look at the result.

@darkwiiplayer That would be deeply weird and further evidence of a terrible design. But even then... title and gender, like say address or something else, can change. Deny a change would be bonkers.

Like... I've never met someone born a doctor. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@brandon Excellent guess, although I've not used Jackdaw yet; have used Magpie though.

@brandon Nearest I really had to a scheme was planets from the Firefly 'verse; these days it's a mixture of corvid names and stuff from sci-fi that relates to the job (eg: main data server is Scarif).

I wish the me who was blown away by Psion Flight Simulation on the ZX81 could see this. On the other hand... HE'S SEEING THIS!

Sadly the FPS in the recording is horrible, but it was great in the headset. Might have to experiment.

The light on the old railway path is just gorgeous right now. Phone can't do it justice.

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