I wish the me who was blown away by Psion Flight Simulation on the ZX81 could see this. On the other hand... HE'S SEEING THIS!

Sadly the FPS in the recording is horrible, but it was great in the headset. Might have to experiment.

@davep Is the barrel distortion in the photo (or whatever has the prop left of center of the aircraft, and the compass appearing to favor the right seater) the same in your headset?

Agree - How on earth were we so eager to sim-fly 4-bit 640x200 graphics, I will never understand ,
but I was doing the same number of hours in FS1 as today in X-Plane 11 with 4k orthographic satellite imagery.


@cyclical_obsessive 640x480 with any colour would have been amazing. My first flight sim was even worse. 😉

And I bloody loved it.

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