Had a fun moment of battling with memoisation and needing to mock a constant in another module so it's invalid and then needing to clear the memoisation values and... got there in the end but frantic guitar helped.

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Writing unit tests this morning. Feel it's a VU kinda morning.

Back to World War 2 and battling in the skies over the Pacific. Day 4 of the war.


"Love ain't like the movies
It blisters and bruises
And knocks you about with its fists
It leaves you a wreckage
All postaged and packaged
Sealed with a Glasgow kiss"

Holy shit that was hard.

Back to Best Forklift Operator, in which I attempt the second warehouse mission, and learn a very valuable lesson about reading the damn instructions.


I believe that Ultrawings was the first native Quest 2 game I bought when I got my Q2 back in late 2020, so when I saw version 2 was coming, and now that I'm more into PCVR, I *HAD* to get it. Here's me, a couple or so days after it hit the Steam store...


Rearranging code this afternoon. This feels just about right.

"In the land of the blind
Be the king, the king
The king, the king"

Helping hit the monthly goal. Not far off now.

Just started the new series of Love, Death & Robots. Exit Strategies was a sensible chuckle, for sure. Bad Travelling... oh aye that was good. Grim, but good.

"There's something in the air
Everybody can feel it
Red sky in the morning
Four minute warning"

Apparently someone a wee bit quicker overtaking you helps with pace. Didn't catch them. Didn't try. But helped me stop plodding.

Back Into the Radius, in which I pick up where I left off in the previous video and attempt to finish the mission I'd started out on.


One of the cool things about VR? You can download something to start to learn a really noisy skill while not upsetting your neighbours.

Which is good, because it's going to take a LOT of practice. 😬


"That's sweet
That conversation we had last week
When you gagged and bound me up to my seat - you're right, I do
I keep it all in"

Weekly goal plus change, again.

That started so bad but got silly bad once the story properly kicked in. No regrets.

Massively Emmerich greatest hits though. Hints of Stargate, ID, tDAT and 2012 at least.

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Another freely-offered game on Steam. While it didn't quite look like my sort of thing, it's VR and new and perhaps it would draw me in so I thought I'd give it a go. It.... it's not very VR really, as far as I can tell. :-/


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