I need a real time chat solution for a community of volunteers (arround 100 persons, probably will grow).
Must have:
- e2e encryption
- group chatrooms
- federation

What would you go for? or

Additional requirement: a foss android client that supports push notification WITHOUT googleservices

@daum3ns I think no messenger supports that at the moment, because the google services is the only service providing that in a working manner right now. If you just don't want to install the google play services on your Android phone, you might get lucky with microg. Apart from that, it's probably a matter of time until #OpenPush starts to become available.


nextcloud talk could be also interesting but it lacks notifications without push.

@michi yeah i have tested that with my cloud. The thing is we already have a solution for storing files, calendar, document editing (❤ :onlyoffice: ) and so on.. So it makes not too much sense to setup nextxloud instance 'only' for chat..

@daum3ns Voted "other" to see the results. I have tried out Riot/Matrix and think it's cool but have no idea whether I could recommend it for this particular use-case.

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