Happy #DataPrivacyDay

- Encrypt your data
- Switch to trustworthy open source alternatives
- Talk to your family and friends about privacy and security online
- Use Tor
- Decentralize yourself
- Keep your software up to date

Thank you for caring about #privacy

Please stop handing Google your users' data by using Google Forms. There's a fine alternative: Nextcloud Forms! Keep your data on your own server. #privacy #GDPR

@EndeavourOS sorry for my language, but i f%&*cking love you! :ac_heart: 😍
set up my main rig this weeken, next install will be the laptop ;)

looking forward to do a complete btrfs.luks.install on my main rig tonight :D

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WOW i stumbled accross yesterday and gave it a try in a vm... :ac_heart: :endeavourOS: :arch:

be careful when validating your implementation against ja3er.com :
it returns the wrong value for the elliptic curve x448. the protocol id would be 30, but the site returns 1035 (which is the NID actually)

.. so u don't spend hours finding the bug in your code 😂

new in-depth analysis of #GoogleApple #ContactTracing apps: "[The #Google part]... seems to call home every ~20 minutes and shares the handset IMEI, SIM serial, phone number, email address and WiFi MAC address and lots of still-to-be-decoded data with Google. (Presumably more detailed app telemetry.)" scss.tcd.ie/Doug.Leith/pubs/co

hello alll! do you have suggestions for a tablet or convertible on which i can use linux?

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