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AWK + Python + Jupyter 

#AWK meets Python: API, CLI and magics. Now on beta, suggestions welcome:

* #Release:
* #Demo:
* #Tutorial:

Why did I do this? AWK has all the features of an interpreter, but such an interface was lacking. This packages opens up so much possibilites, esp. with #IPython / #Jupyter magics.

I love how the #fediverse is so diverse, in both people and software, that even instances using the same software (in my case Mastodon because it's quite accessible)have their own quirks and specialities. Some support rich text, some have different character limits, some federate with all, some federate with almost none. There's always somewhere you can go that perfectly matches your needs and preferences.

When windows gets hacked by a serious flaw, no-one cares, it just ends with a user-friendly advice: "Update your systems", which no-one does at the end neither...

When linux gets hacked, it is so serious, that even the NSA gets involved

If someone is looking for a web dev position in #Munich, the awesome people at the #Serlo non-profit learning platform are hiring. I can testify that they're a cool crowd, so why don't you apply here:

Germany’s public radio and television deploys #Nextcloud!

Read this case study to see how Nextcloud is used to provide efficient file exchange and online content collaboration for a large number of users and data.

i am not this kind of engineer, but, could you construct logic gates from wood and water?

In einer Zeit, in der gefühlt alles falsch läuft, habe ich das große Glück, dass ich auch zu den kleinen Lichtblicken recherchieren darf. Heute: Was gebrauchte Geräte und freie Software mit Solarstrom und Bienenstöcken zu tun haben. 🐝 🌳 💻 🔧 ✨

Liebe Menschen, ich möchte freundlich an cw's erinnern (z.B. USA, Corona). Alternativ, kann Mensch auch # benutzen.
Beim Teilen von toots, die retweetet worden, gibt es auch die Möglichkeit: Share -> Share content of toot. So kann Mensch den Inhalt hinter einem CW packen.
Hier noch ein ganz guter Text und Podcast über content warnings:


Hi! I'm Alison, a PhD student in #astronomy at University of #Hawaii. I'm finding a way to calculate ages of stars that are small, cool, and too old for us to currently measure — which will help teach us about the history of the Milky Way 🌌, the stars of "habitable" planets 🪐, and the physics of magnetic dynamos (ie the source of Earth's magnetic poles) 🧭.

I also love #gardening, #programming, and working towards a safer, greener, and more just world 😊✊

Ask me space questions!

Can anyone here recommend a good piece of software for project management but just for an individual? most (understandably) emphasise collaboration features to much for me to be useful. Bonus points if it doesn't store data outside EU and even more if it's open source, though paying is not a deal breaker

I'm enjoying coding with #awk so much more than #bash, it has a cleaner, more modern feel not unlike Javascript or Python. My main mistakes early on were from trying to use bash syntax, since bash was the only context I'd used awk in 😅

#Linux #Marketshare Increased Again Last Month

Usage of Linux-based desktop operating systems grew again in May 2020, according to stats shared by web analytics firm NetMarketShare.

Freie Software in der Schule: Was Linux 🐧, gebrauchte Laptops 👩‍💻, Solarstrom 🌤️ und Bienenstöcke 🐝 mit der Vermittlung von Werten zu tun haben, erklärt Felix Schoppe vom Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium in Seelze bei Hannover.

#Linux #OpenSource #Hannover

Psst. For the previous #webboot demos, I've only used QEMU. That's cheating, right? So let's run it on the bare metal already!

Featuring @opensuse again, Leap 15.2 #KDE live ISO 🙂 - big kudos for the awesome work!

I'm running a full-blown #desktop right now, connected to Wi-Fi, playing a video from YouTube in Firefox, and streaming the audio to a Bluetooth module. This is the future as I expected it. \o/

#LinuxBoot go brrr ✨👩🏻‍💻✨. Woop woop! 🌈

#firmware #bootloader #Linux

@yabirgb @sir I don't trust Signal,too.I would never recommend it and I don't have it installed on my phone.I don't know why Snowden likes it but nearly every fact is clearly against it:
- It's centralized so one company has control over everything
- It's hosted in the United States,the home of the NSA and on servers of Amazon,the evil company behind Alexa
- It blocks third-party clients so there's no way to port it on other systems,for example the upcoming Linux phones
- It requires your phone number,therefore it's not anonymous.I think there's a new alternative way without the phone number but then they upload your contacts to their servers or anything like that
I'm sure there was even more than that but that's what I remember without searching very old posts.If you want secure messaging,use decentralized protocols like Matrix or Jabber.

Take lessons from the history of C and learn how to write useful CLI programs in Python. When to choose C or Python for a command-line interface |

I started documenting how I use linux Desktop at work.

This post is part 1 of a series on running Linux desktop in windows as a environment using and

How are you using Linux Desktop at work?

This is day 3 of my

Does anyone know a tutorial on how to install #tinycore via command line? And also I would like to install #emacs but I seems not to be packaged for this distribution (as well as nano and such Oo). I like this minimalist #distribution but I'd like very much some cool command line software on it.

#tinycorelinux #linux

Me: It's time to upgrade my Mac OS to the latest! 🙂
Me 30 minutes later: *Looking up "how to use #Linux on a Macbook"*

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