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Happy to read more about the people of @opensuse and now know a little bit more about a valued community member of our community -

If you haven't read them yet, be sure to check out the preceding articles that @jessfraz has written:

Open Source Firmware

Baseboard Management Controllers

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You often hear the term “standing on the shoulders of giants” in programming. But you really grok what that means in free software.

Let me illustrate: the first screenshot is the lines of code that I’ve written for Site.js after almost a year of work on it: a little over 10,000.

The second screenshot is the lines of code in Site.js: a little over 412,000.

Standing on the shoulders of giants means being able to create something by creating 2.48% of it.

PS. Lots of <3 to Node, JS, npm folks.

We made it: on Chromebook Asus 202C 2GB. Running much better than original OS an ideal machine for kids & school: 90£. Thanks, community

I wrote a blog post about my @fosdem experience this year.

I wrote it on the train home, but only just got around to putting it online.

"That's out of scope" - Said no attacker ever

Wrote a little blog post while I was playing around on the PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch.

Found a nice crash course in sc, a free command-line spreadsheet calculator that runs on .

Don't expact a terminal equivalent of Calc or Excel. But if you want to push some numbers into a text orientated spreadsheet, let it calculate, take the results, reformat them quickly inside the pipe, push them forward to Maxima, find a differential integral solution, pipe this to GNU-plot and add the result to a file, then sc is maybe right for you.🙆

Installing LFS (Linux From Scratch) inside a Debian VM.

If you want to watch how that's going, join me over on Twitch:

FOSS could also mean "Fuck Off Spying Services"

It was a stormy weekend so I took the opportunity to move to Arch Linux. Now I run the lightest, fastest and smoothest Gnome I've ever seen. And I can say I use Arch btw.

Here's how I switched from macOS to after 15 years of Apple

just read this article about techniques for being a better OSS project maintainer. i found some effective suggestions in there, definitely recommend reading for folks interested in becoming more involved in F/OSS community projects.

@Gina @adelorenzo If my only choice is between using Microsoft Teams and appending my messages to a text file over rsync, I'd choose the latter.

I gave my old laptop away to my son, we installed on it, some games etc. and now we chat via 🙃

Regular Release Distributions Are Wrong - Why I No Longer Use Leap
by Richard Brown

"This post seeks to answer why I have fallen out of love with the Regular Release approach to developing & using Operating Systems and provide an introduction to how you too could rely on Rolling Releases (specifically openSUSE Tumbleweed & MicroOS) for everything."

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