Vortrag online: Theorie und Praxis von Festplatten-/Stick-Verschlüsselung

Die dritte Aufzeichnung von #Calyr bei der Digitalcourage-Hochschulgruppe Bayreuth ist online.

Diese und Weitere findet ihr bei #PeerTube unter libre.video/accounts/dc_hsg_bt

Abonniert gerne den Kanal ;-)
Boosten erwünscht!


Do you guys use snaps, flatpacks and appimages for the software you develop? I find them useful but too heavy. I only use them when I really need some program that's not available in other formats.

What is the difference of a framework to a library?

For me it is simply the investment you have to make before you can build something nice.

A library solves a very particular problem. A framework gives you a toolbox to solve a really broad problem - hence you have to learn how to use it, whereas you can just use a library right away because the API is so easy to grasp.

What do you think #softwaredev #programming people of mastodon?

What a color! I'm not a fan of canned beer, but otherwise they say this IPA could not have been transported from New England to Hannover in this freshness and color.

The soundtrack to this? Billy Bragg. (Yeah. Okay. It's obvious.)

@Linuxkumpel @anneroth Exakt, das kenne ich auch so: In den Arbeitsbereichen, in denen sich Kolleginnen und Kollegen einen PC teilen müssen kennen alle untereinander das Passwort, weil es so schneller geht, weiter zu arbeiten, als einen anderen Account anzumelden. Inwieweit das für oder gegen den Polizisten spricht, weiß ich nicht. Die Geschichte ist erschreckend.

Wie lange gebt ihr dem Kapitalismus noch?

@benni Maximal 100 Jahre, dann hat er vermutlich den Planeten soweit zugerichtet, dass Menschen darauf nicht mehr leben können. Dann ist die Wirtschaftsweise auch egal.

I need to learn to step aside if someone else needs to talk.

I also have the right to choose not to listen to hate. I have the right to choose to support my diverse community in FLOSS.

I have the right to support that community to feel safe and free to contribute without bigotry and fear of harassment.

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It is not important to me which distro someone is using. I am celebrating that you are using GNU/Linux. 🤗 At the end of the day, we're all using the same software and the same kernel.🤔😇 :copyleft: :tux:

Why Mastodon and the fediverse are “doomed to fail”

-> a small rant about how the profit lens distorts our understanding of success vs. failure:


Git can be difficult but you need it if you want to contribute to . This article breaks down some steps you’ll need to take to complete your first contribution to .

7 Steps to Get Started with Git


After the city of #Barcelona and the Parliament of #Asturias now the Municipality of #Benigànim, #Spain, commits to the principles of our #publiccode campaign by publishing any publicly financed software development as #FreeSoftware. They also plan to gradually switch to Free Software in all municipal facilities.


@Bibliothecarmen Sieht sehr schön aus. 😀 Ich finde es eine super Verwendung für Platinen & Co.

The Document Foundation clarifies the "Personal Edition" label for @libreoffice 7.

I find the plans for the future good but the "Personal Edition" label is at least misunderstandable. We should remove it and call the "Enterprise Edition" LTS or similar.



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