Take lessons from the history of C and learn how to write useful CLI programs in Python. When to choose C or Python for a command-line interface | Opensource.com opensource.com/article/20/6/c-

The dmesg command prints the :tux: kernel ring buffer. The content is also sent 📩 to syslogd or klogd, when they are running, and ends up in '/var/log/messages'.

So dmesg will show only the most recent kernel messages, because the ring buffer is a fixed size 📏 and cannot hold so much.

But how can I find out my kernel ring buffer size from the config file that was needed to build the kernel? 👨‍🔬 💻

$ grep CONFIG_LOG_BUF /boot/config-`uname -r`


There are currently 5 humans in space. 🚀 🌌 🛰️

curl -s api.open-notify.org/astros.jso | jq -r '.people[]|[.craft,.name]|@csv'

Nice article and I have learned something new: 20 productivity tools for the terminal | Opensource.com opensource.com/article/20/6/pr

Find chatterers 🗨️ 💬 on your own network: 💻 ⚡💻 Call 'tcpdump' and let 'awk' search for the word 'IP' in the second ($2) column of your dump. Use 'split()' to create a nice notation of the output of field $3 for the IP address with dots, but we don't need IP addresses starting with 0 or 127. Sort the output, count equal and group them with 'uniq'. Sort again by frequency and use 'awk' again to print a nice output with histogram and #-signs as chart bar.📊

I have improved my Awk example and made it a little bit clearer, hopefully: Print first ($1) and third ($3) column of each line of the CSV file with four columns and show the result of the third column as a chart bar with #-signs.

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Has anyone ever tested Dayon!? It's an open-source and cross-platform (Java) solution for remote-maintenance software like Teamviewer. Relatively easy setup and low bandwith: The person who needs help sends monochrome pictures directly to the helper. The helper has to open port 8080 on DSL router and maybe firewall to offer help via the Internet. Should be possible for the person who wants to offer help.🤔
What do you think? Boosts appreciated.


The old Unix tool 'awk' is delivered with almost every Linux :tux: distro (mostly as gawk, GNU Awk). Keeping it quite simple, it can also get cryptic quickly, but it is always a great tool to get a quick overview of your data pool on the command line. :bash:

You can even write your data of a CSV as a bar chart. 📊

"As we have seen, working with Linux means lots of interesting detective work!"

-- William E. Shotts Jr. - "The Linux Command Line." linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php

I have started to use Notebooks and I use it heavily now with in . Great tool to make notes with Markup and to insert *and* execute your Python or (, , etc.) code. Very nice for interactive tutorials.

For a quick introduction, setup, and walkthrough you can watch this video by Corey Schafer:

There are some really nice games at the @fdroidorg store on for kids. My kids love playing Planet Rider, GCompris, TuxKart, Doda the Exploda and - okay not a game but fun - Tux Paint. Games like TuxKart, GCompris and Tux Paint are also available on your Desktop. works! 😀 👻👾🤖🕹🎮 :linux:

Play a little bit with in on my right now. I always find Termux great as a small terminal in my pocket. What fantastic opportunities. 😀😎 :android: :bash: :python:


How to sort the "ls" command by date? The -t flag will sort the output by last date and time modified:

ls -lt

And if you want to show "ls" as list (l) sorted by date (t), human readable (h) and with all files (a) use:

ls -halt

Thinking about to start tooting via on my server. 🤔

"Automatically Send Toots To The Mastodon Social Network" - by @carlchenet


Listen to data from the air pressure sensor on 's InSight lander, indicating wind blowing by on Mars with 'mpv' command in the .

$ mpv nasa.gov/specials/InSight-Soun

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I am looking for funny commands for more fun in the . Do you have any recommendations?

I know:
sl - run a train in the terminal
cmatrix - Matrix style terminal
aafire - fire with the ascii art
toilet - transforms text 2 ascii
cowsay - cow says something
pacat /dev/urandom - please turn down speakers first
espeak - listen to the output of your scripts
banner - for banners

Know more? Do you know any games that can be played in terminal? Boosts appreciated.😀

If I am looking for an USB microphone to record radio reports or postcasts under , which one can you recommend?

/cc @ddeimeke, @leszek

I see it more pragmatic, because systemd is now a part of , so I deal with it: Learning to love systemd | Opensource.com opensource.com/article/20/4/sy

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