This is a nice one: "Macros have been disabled. Please activate Macros to see the content of this Word document."

New wave of against Austrian and German organizations with CV decoy documents.

via @DU_HW_IO

Found a nice crash course in sc, a free command-line spreadsheet calculator that runs on .

Don't expact a terminal equivalent of Calc or Excel. But if you want to push some numbers into a text orientated spreadsheet, let it calculate, take the results, reformat them quickly inside the pipe, push them forward to Maxima, find a differential integral solution, pipe this to GNU-plot and add the result to a file, then sc is maybe right for you.πŸ™†

I gave my old laptop away to my son, we installed on it, some games etc. and now we chat via πŸ™ƒ

I want to install next month on a MacBook from ~2006. Hope it works. πŸ˜‡ Give an old MacBook new life with Linux by @Don_Watkins

This pic by @EthicsInBricks triggers me to read Foucault again:

The visible is only the object of information, never the subject of communication.

In Foucault's Panopticon parcelling is an instrument for perfect surveillance. Parcelling is shredded down to the last, smallest, indivisible possibility: the individual. It's visibility is a trap.

"Discipline and Punish" -- Michel Foucault


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