Yea beer o'clock Hafensänger (alc) 

No stout today, unfortunately, but a delicious "Hafensänger" (harbour singer) a baltic porter from my Mashpack (see toot yesterday) from Mashsee Brewery.

Prost! And happy 🍻 😋

Today was my last day at my previous job. My awesome coworkers got me a shirt. I was very pleased. 😊

From April, I will be an Infra Power Ranger (Sysadmin) at 😀

It's beer o'clock with "Helles im Wunderland" (alc) 

The "Helles im Wunderland" (Pale Beer in Wonderland) is a pale beer from the Mashsee brewery in Hanover. It tastes discreetly bitter and not as hoppy as their other beers. But still with its own character.

I bought a big survival... uh Mashpack from their online shop. That's why I still have a bit of work to do.

Prost! 🍻😋

It's beer o'clock - time for Mashine IPL (alc) 

Mashine IPL is an Indian Pale Lager from the Mashsee Brewery in Hannover. 😋

Maschsee is also the name of an artificial lake situated south of the city.

Each brew is hopped differently, so that each bottle tastes differently hoppy.

Prost! 🍻

Fruity low-alcohol session lager (alc)🍻 

VielleichtAthlet (Maybe Athlete - it's a play of words in German: Leichtathlet - Leichtbier - low-alcohol beer with 3,6% vol.) is a wonderfully refreshing session lager from the Mashsee brewery in Hannover.

It is fruity, with notes of mango and passion fruit. 🍻😃

In the end, it was not the CMOS battery, the fan was broken. I installed the new fan this afternoon and now the Lenovo X201 boots again. Used business laptops are just great for this.👨‍🔧💻

Beer, Germany, Bavaria 

In my opinion, this is the best in Germany. And I say this as a Hanoverian. 😉
If you're ever near Munich, you maybe should visit the Brauhaus (brewery) in Tegernsee and order a Mass 🍺 (1l). It's nice there.🍻 🙃

I love this shanty by @akareilly! 🎶 🌊 ⚓

To my hoodah, Likedeelers! ☠️ 🚢 😎

(Captions by @TartanLlama)

For me, this is the real killer feature of :

"Signal is a non-profit. You can't really sell a non-profit because there are no shares and no real ownership." -- Brian Acton

I hope I can install it one day from F-Droid.😇

The kids got LEGO Technic for Xmas 🌲 and we let the racing cars 🏎🏎🏎 race around the flat. I put a mobile phone 📱 on my speedster to film 🎥 the race. I used 'Video Transcoder' from the F-Droid store to edit the film a bit at the beginning and end.🎬

I bought a used 3T at Clevertronic, a shop in Münster. The condition of the phone is very good, as described on their website. Without their description, I wouldn't have even noticed any sign of useage.

The latest 17.1 is installed, the phone is encrypted, the apps are from and of course I have branded the phone. :tux: 📲 😇

I have written a script for young and old at LUG Hannover to practise the multiplication tables.

Simple multiplication tasks are done in an endless while loop. If the solution is correct and espeak is installed, the terminal says "Super!" in German (this means "Great!")

On the birdside someone shows the script in production! And it's great to see your own script in production. 😍🤗😎

Do you have to process Outlook MSG files on your Win or server with ?

I've updated my Read-MsgFile Cmdlet. You can find the new version on GitHub and in the PSGallery.

4️⃣ If you are using RDP to connect a Windows virtual machine from a Linux host in QEMU/KVM you can easily share a folder: Just enable the 'Share folder' option in Remmina Remote Desktop Preferences.

This creates a redirected drive and folder under 'This PC' in your Windows vm (share on <your Linux hostname>) or you can map the folder with


This solution does not require Samba to be running

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3️⃣ In :opensuse: you must tell firewalld that the RDP port should be opened so that a connection to the Windows :windows: guest can be established:

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=3389/tcp
firewall-cmd --reload

Btw you have also to activate Remotedesktop in Windows.

I use Remmina as client to access Windows via RDP. You cann add a new connection and connect to your Win VM.

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2️⃣ The command opens the VIM editor, with which you can edit the configuration file. The first line of the file is extended by the following entry:

<domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu=''>

This allows KVM to accept command line parameters from QEMU. In our case the port 3389 for RDP should be forwarded from the host to the guest:

<qemu:arg value='-net'/>
<qemu:arg value='user,hostfwd=tcp::3389-:3389'/>

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I love the idea that we are racing through the universe with our galaxy. 🌠🌠💫☄️ 🌠🌠 🌠
The animation is cool. 😎

🎶 "And it's something quite peculiar. Something shimmering and white ... under the milky way tonight ..." 🎶

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