In "the new superweapon you'll get for free is Microsoft Teams. ... It's the same as the Browser Wars - those who control the conversation between humans and the digital control the world."

Windows 11 comes bearing THAAS, Trojan Horse as a service - The Register

@datenteiler Any idea if it can be uninstalled? Or are they going to integrate it in so that it cannot, just like IE back in the day....

@murph IDK but I hope you can uninstall it. But maybe you get it back with the next upgrade? Who knows. 🤷‍♂️

@datenteiler I think of this more as a "Trojan saddle", a gift meant to instill the wrong kind of thinking towards another decision they're planning to present to you later on.

> "the new superweapon you'll get for free"
I've yet to meet anyone who even likes Microsoft Teams, let alone thinks of it as a 'superweapon'

@splatt9990 Nobody claimed that Internet Explorer was a super weapon either. Netscape Navigator was much better. But it was a superweapon in the sense that it was integrated into the OS. Many people simply used IE because it was already there. You didn't have to install anything extra. In this sense, many people will communicate via Teams in the future because it is already included in the OS.

@datenteiler @splatt9990 As I recall, the biggest problem with IE of the era was not just that it came preinstalled, but that it could not (practically) be uninstalled. An unwanted program that you can get rid of is one thing, but one that you're stuck with is even more likely to end up the only program used. (I don't want this bloat, and can install something else, then I'll have two programs to do the same thing, I'll just stick with what's here already)
It makes alternatives more unappealing

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