"Put away your torches and your pitchforks and instead grab your scalpels, because we have some cancer to excise from the FSF and that cancer is the board of directors."

@datenteiler I don't know how the author proposes to get the board to leave considering they just said they won't after 3000 people told them to do so.

@be @datenteiler @seachaint agreed - if the board hadn't the moral fibre to step down earlier i doubt there's anything that would cause them to do so now. the foundation's condition has gone from malignant to terminal, so to speak.

@snailerotica @be @datenteiler I reckon that petitions are easy to ignore, but a wave of influential and keystone projects leaving GNU and the FSF is the kind of message even they won't be able to miss. They're burning their social cachet among the audience they most care about: people who actually make FOSS software.

TBH if it's anything like the Nominet board I wouldn't hold your breath. I don't want to burn down the @fsf. But I like many others will have no choice but to walk away and work with others. Previous staff and board members are elsewhere. At the moment though as long as RMS is on the board all of the good work of FSF is tainted, RMS is tainting his own legacy. But people can still use the GPL and the 4 freedoms. They can just choose not to keep enabling RMS.

@datenteiler We’re now at the stage where we call people cancer?

@ArneBab Of course, I don't think this dehumanizing language is helpful. We shouldn't label human beings as cancer. Fascist use such language to lower the barrier for violence. But I don't oppose in all points to her problem analysis and proposed solutions.

@datenteiler And yet this is the language used against RMS and other board members now, along with lies and slander and actions supported by plainly false arguments.

This is far from the best hour of the community I feel part of.

I lost part of my faith in the FOSS community when I realized how problematic conferences were for many women.

And right now I’m losing the other part while realizing how …[I have no really fitting words]… those are who claim to fight against toxic people.

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