For me, this is the real killer feature of :

"Signal is a non-profit. You can't really sell a non-profit because there are no shares and no real ownership." -- Brian Acton

I hope I can install it one day from F-Droid.šŸ˜‡

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@datenteiler Someone recommended me "Molly" which is a fork and it has a fdroid repository.

@jrballesteros05 @datenteiler if they find out this exist they will take it down. Saddly they are hunting forked clients like LibreSignal

@dan @jrballesteros05 @datenteiler not entirely true, anymore. There are several forks of Signal, including Molly, Lagnis, and Signal-JW. The Signal developers are aware of at least the JW fork and even have direct contact with the developer. I'm sure they are aware of the others. There's also clients for other operating systems. Signal seems to operate on a policy of (begrudging?) tolerance at the moment, compared to their stance in the past.

Wow really ??!! That's amazing !
Why none of them are on fdroid then ?
I found that about Molly :
@jrballesteros05 @datenteiler

@dan @jrballesteros05 @datenteiler Probably because it's more of a "tolerance" than an official endorsement. They have not made any official statements on this, but they also haven't gone after any of these forks, and in some cases seem like they're cooperating with them. These forks also don't deviate very far from the core functionality of Signal and don't promote themselves on any app stores.

Okay that's a begining.
Let's hope we will find signal's clients on fdroid in the future.
Plus they are working on registration without phone. It would be PERFECT

@jrballesteros05 @datenteiler

@dan @jrballesteros05 @datenteiler I wouldn't expect they will change their official stance any time soon.

@dan @jrballesteros05 @datenteiler

I am using #Langis (#signal spelled backwards) and #Molly ( together on one device (2 signal accounts) - my workaround for a dual sim phone. Both have #fdroid repositories listed on their webpages.

@projectmoon @jrballesteros05 @datenteiler

I have been sending debug logs on regular basis and the debug logs clearly shows the forked versions I'm using. These forks have been posted on forum where its an active community full of signal developers; so it's not like #signal is unaware of them.

@datenteiler AFAIK . You could change the structure of your company to a profit model then sell it

@datenteiler Sorry, but thatā€˜s only a feature if you know the sources where the money comes from and these sources are ok for you. Otherwise I prefer to pay for the services I ask for, really.

@datenteiler There is an app on F-Droid called Silence, which is a fork of Signal, based on an older version.

@pm Thanks, but looks like the app encrypts SMS/MMS. Can't see that's a fork of Signal.

@datenteiler Hmmm maybe I misread their site then. Oh well. šŸ™‚

@pm @datenteiler its a fork with just the sms function, I use it as my sms app

@datenteiler You can't sell a non-profit, but that doesn't matter: non-profits do have ownership and their ownership can change.

The only part of their charter that they can't change without a lot of trouble is being a non-profit, so changing Signal's mission to provide a panopticon into human behavior would just work, they just can't make money off of it.
@datenteiler you won't be able too.

It's been up before and the signal devs fight tooth and nail to keep it off.
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