Secret services in Germany will soon be allowed to hack devices and observe people with the (Trojan horse used by the government).

It is suspected that it was also sold illegally to secret services of other countries such as Turkey or Syria to spy on the opposition there.

The SPD, German Labour Party, had hesitated for a long time, then they caved in and passed the bill together with the Conservatives (CDU).

This is the German sound of .

@gray @datenteiler It's very important to notice these things, everyone likes to point at the US, stuff happens everywhere

@lopeztel @gray At least the law enforcement agencies have conducted a large-scale raid of FinFisher, the company who developed the Staatstrojaner. They are investigating the suspicion that the software may have been exported without the required export license from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

@lopeztel @gray And I like F-Secure's statement on the subject that they are actively searching for the Staatstrojaner and want to deactivate it: "We are not obliged to cooperate with the German state in this matter and therefore we will not do so". 😎

@datenteiler seems that we had one good thing for privacy with GDPR/DSGVO but now it's more of a train wreck.

Is it necessary a court order to operate that trojan? I think we must differentiate massive surveillance from selective judicial inquiries.

@bauglir The federal secret services is already allowed to observe, for example, the "Verein der Verfolgten des Naziregimes" (Association of Persecutees of the Nazi Regime) or "Ende Gelände", an ecological movement for climate protection. They can oblige internet providers to install the malware. This will also allow them to collect a lot of information from uninvolved people.

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