Hello, welcome to Linux, here are the apps you installed using Snap. Here are the apps you installed using Flatpak. Here are the apps you installed using apt. Here are the apps you inst- wait, where are you going… what’s wrong? WE WERE JUST GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER!!!


@aral Package management systems are actually a long-solved problem under . Why do we need so many of them?🤔

@datenteiler @aral I still live in hope that AppImages will provide us with Apple-style universal binaries for complex desktop programs.

Unfortunately, it looks like most effort is going into replacing RPM with Flatpak and APT with Snapcraft.

(Flatpak's "decentralised" argument seems a bit moot given everyone's standardizing on Flathub!)

@trechnex @datenteiler @aral but it's federated! I have a separate Flathub instance for work stuff and it works great!

@datenteiler @aral Package managers and the management of them by the distributions are part of the problem. Old software. By distributions patched software. Developer of the software have no control about it. A Developer must create binaries for a wide range of distributions.

Linus talked about it in the past [1].

Because of that we need solutions like Flatpak or better stable API/ABI over all distributions.

[1]: youtu.be/5PmHRSeA2c8 (Minute 4:45)

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