Don't know if this makes sense and is really sustainable. A Raspberry Pi might be better for the power consumption etc. Anyway: How to restore a single-core computer with |

@datenteiler The power consumption angle is important, but what about ? Isn't it worthwhile to keep hardware out of landfills for as long as possible if a use can be found for it?

@mgraybosch @datenteiler The question then becomes whether the power wastage or the hardware wastage is more harmful in the long run.

Does anybody have stats on this?

@orangelamp @datenteiler I don't have stats, but if our grid was 100% renewables would the power usage issue still matter?

@mgraybosch @datenteiler I can't see how it would, unless you were to reach extra hard by claiming money spent on your (renewable) power bill could have gone to green charities or something absurd like that.

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