Do you need a DNS server without censorship and for privacy?

@digitalcourage runs a DNS server located in Germany that doesn't log normal user requests:

👉 2a02: 2970: 1002: 0: 5054: 8aff: fe12: db49
👉 Encrypted requests DNS-over-TLS (German)

Is there no name for the dns servers? And would running dns over tls not only gather all data for officials to find it in one place? Afaik dns over tls (besides the cookies that are used for a very long time) will make a lot of handshake connections. Is the server located in Germany? Usa? Israel? Norway?

@datenteiler @digitalcourage
What excactly do you want to say with they don't log normal requests? Will they log gay sites, nazi discussion groups, or furry date sites?
And what about DoH?

I would prefer Digitale Gesellschaft in Europe. No 14 eyes or such crap.

@rudolf @digitalcourage C'mon you want to misinterpret my toot to promote the other service. Anyway, despite your bad publicity, thanks for the link. It's much appreciated. 🙃

@datenteiler @digitalcourage
I asked a question.
Saying "normal user" can be understood in many ways. If you don't explain what a "normal user" is supposed to be, don't be surprised if it is misunderstood.
And do you really believe I have any personal benefit of mentioning Digitale Gesellschaft?

@rudolf @datenteiler Our anti-censorship DNS server does not log any requests. Only when debugging it, the IT admin will see the occasional request. Sadly, our DoT setup requires debugging now and then.

If you are worried about the 14 eyes: We are, too. We demand the abolition of secret services.
Switzerland is not at all free from surveillance. Our friends from Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz sent us this text a few years ago:


@digitalcourage @datenteiler
Thanks for the article.

Christian posted that you don't log "normal users". On an international forum, this WILL lead to misunderstandings. So I challenged him a bit. He the accused me of putting down your service to promote DG. Both you and DG are doing good, so you both deserve to be promoted.

You should think about DoH, as it is a valuable tool in being safe. In places where using Tor or VPN is dangerous, DoH could go unrecognized.


Christian (@datenteiler) probably translated part of this sentence from our website that can can indeed raise questions such as yours until you read the sentence that follows immediately behind it:

„Unser Server steht in einem externen Rechenzentrum in Deutschland und loggt keine normalen Nutzeranfragen. Allerdings werden fehlerhafte Anfragen geloggt, die in den meisten Fällen von Angreifern oder kaputter Software gestellt werden.“

Our verdict on DoH is not final yet. We will keep thinking about it, but first we need to make DoT more stable. /c

@digitalcourage @datenteiler
I read it. But do you want to be misunderstood?

About DoH. I use DoH with Firefox(Android) for around one year. To see if it works. First with mozilla/cloudfare, then securedns, now DG. Sometimes, I need to retry. So what.

It would be better if you set up a frontend that does it 98% than none at all. There are not enough DoH servers. The really good part of DoH is if you switch servers often, then you are much more safe. Be a part of it.

@datenteiler @digitalcourage In some cases might also make sense to run a full DNS resolver directly on your computer. For instance 'unbound' on Linux.

And, because of those well meant hints, DC's DNS ran short of bandwidth some weeks ago and has to be spent more of with higher cost - every small donation is highly appreciated too.

@datenteiler @digitalcourage Unfortunately, ARM confirmed a bug in their router firmware. So I am forced to configure DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS in each and every machine and browser. I don't want to use an application, do you know of operational Tutorials to configure encrypted DNS in Linux, Windows, and browsers, where additionally needed?

@datenteiler @digitalcourage I learned from madaidans-insecurities.github. now that DoT/DoH are not enough, because Server Name Indication and OCPS, necessary in certificate validation, transfer server names as well. IT, and privacy in particular, is like shaving the Yak. 😖

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