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Do you need a DNS server without censorship and for privacy?

@digitalcourage runs a DNS server located in Germany that doesn't log normal user requests:

👉 2a02: 2970: 1002: 0: 5054: 8aff: fe12: db49
👉 Encrypted requests DNS-over-TLS (German)

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Hi everyone at ! New year, new instance. I moved here from to see how it works.😀

I am Team , supporter, Angel & member at User Group .


I want to create a website where users can download files. The website should be access restricted. The e-mail addresses of users are known. If a user wants to download something, she/he gives her/his e-mail address and receives a one-time password per e-mail. With this password she/he can log in once and download the files. Does that already exist?


I miss WICCA in the Fediverse, they have great shirts! 🙆

Women In Cybersecurity Community Association WICCA is a circle of women in based in The Netherlands.🇳🇱

The goal is to bring infosec ladies and female security enthusiasts together to learn about exploits, hacking, forensics and so on.

They want to build a community of badass women in The Netherlands and hopefully inspire future generations to join keyboards and get the hacking started!

I was pretty fed up with the behavior of 'df', so I wrote my own diskfree tool.

It's called 'duf', it's written in #golang, and you can get it here:

On ArchLinux, you can simply install 'duf' from the AUR.

Never trust a hero that accepts being called a hero.

This week we had to move Ice-Cream Tuesday to Friday. Enjoy your weekend everyone. 😎😍🍨🍧

Põhjala Must Kuld - Costa Rica Porter (alc) 

If I cannot visit the world, I let the world visit me.

A smooth porter brewed with bourbon coffee from Puente Tarrazú.

My first porter from Latin America. It tastes great after coffee and chocolate.😋🍻

Wenn dir alles scheißegal ist, dann ziehst du auch an einem besetzten Tripod. Geht's noch? Die Polizei gefährdet massivst Menschenleben.


You should follow Distributed Denial of Secrets on here. They've been draconianly suspended from Twitter for publishing BlueLeaks, an 270gb archive of leaked police documents @ddosecrets

abuse, rape, murder, venting re: transphobia 

cis people thinking trans people are trying to abuse, rape, or even murder cis people all the time when the reverse is true and many of us are suffering c-ptsd and shutting ourselves away from the world for fear it'll happen again or if it hasn't yet that we'll be next

My plan is to drink like hell and be totally out of it, when it happens.

Oh you meant fall of civilization?

Es hängen schon einige Jobangebote an unserem virtuellen schwarzen Brett 📌!

Schaut ruhig schon mal vorbei unter

Wenn Ihr selbst noch ein Angebot habt oder einen Job sucht, füllt bitte die Vorlage aus und schickt sie uns zu!

#opensource #linux #job

Just curious: Do you delete old calendar entries?

Tutanota: Encrypted email service weathers latest of ongoing DDoS storms and now has a status page for service

You have to wonder who would gain from blocking a privacy focussed mail service? Tutanota does have some excellent features as well as good value and I've been trying to register myself since yesterday to test it.
Tutanota has appealed to its users to stick by it as leaving them would be playing into the hands of the DDoS attackers. After all this is not the fault of Tutanota.
They have launched a page to indicate the status of the service. I'll be testing it as soon as I can get in and register. Whilst Proton Mail is the better known alternative, Tutanota does have a cheaper offering with some good extras.
See Sorry we shut you out, says Tutanota: Encrypted email service weathers latest of ongoing DDoS storms

Es sind noch Plätze in unseren kostenlosen Workshops frei:

#LibreOffice Writer f. Einsteiger
• Einstieg in #Qt / #cplusplus
#A-Frame - #3D im Webbrowser ohne Programmierung
#inkscape für Einsteiger
• Inkscape für Entdecker
#OpenCelium - Workshop for beginners

Jetzt anmelden:

#linux #freesoftware #workshops

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