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Hi everyone at ! New year, new instance. I moved here from to see how it works.😀

I am Team , supporter, Angel & member at User Group .


Regarding Coreboot. Although I'm no stranger to solving problems by myself, installing #coreboot seems a bit too much.

So, if you know anyone (reliable etc., of course) in the #eu that could help, please let me know. Boost appreciated! :*

After the tutorial about how to send email with now how to send email and check your calendar with . But that's okay because some say: Emacs is a great operating system - it lacks a good editor, though. 😀 |

Das RasPi4Mail Tutorial ist jetzt vollständig online und beschreibt genau, wie man einen Mailserver mit postfix und dovecot auf einem Debian-Server (z.B. RaspberryPi mit Raspian) einrichtet.

Hier ist der Einstieg:

Das Tutorial besteht aus 6 Teilen, von der Postfix- und Dovecot-Installation bis zu virtuellen Domains und virtuellen Usern ist alles dabei.

Have fun!

Work laptop doesn't allow minesweeper? I'm gonna build my own minesweeper, with blackjack, and hookers! In fact, forget the hookers!

Want to have an impact & promote the initiative? Make an appointment with the leadership of your local government to discuss the topic or write them a letter showing support for the cause. Find tips & an example letter at

#FSFE goes #FOSDEM with talks by @kirschner, @mxmehl, Vincent Lequertier and Lucas Lasota, with a new booth, with new promotion material, a pre-FOSDEM community event and a social evening on Saturday:

looking forward meeting you and plan 2020!

I love these kinds of tutorials: How I teach math, chemistry, biology or physics using open source tools. In my next life I will become a teacher - maybe. 🤓😱 |

UK Says It Won't Implement The EU Copyright Directive, Which Wouldn't Have Passed Without Its Support During A Crucial Vote - but I bet it will when the #copyright extremists start whining...

should checkout the first of this two-part series on use , a tiling terminal emulator, with @opensuse -

I've changed the mastodon mascot for this instance again. Today is Int. Holocaust Remembrance Day #HMD2020 and we should remember and make sure this never happens again!

I just installed #MicrosoftTeams on my #Fedora laptop for something work-related.

I need a shower. 🚿

What's your favorite Linux distribution?
I have voted for of course! 😇 Because we have a great community, rock-solid distros Tumbleweed and Leap, fantastic projects like Open Build Service and much more. 🤗 |

Latest @opensuse YaST sprint improves the sorting for tables in & the Qt Package Selection Gets Faster -

Once I thought: What could be more scary than to install, prepare and administer several hundred Windows 10 laptops for our employees. Today I know: Several hundred iPads. 😱

Love the licenses that say ""Don't even try to discover my backdoor by reverse engineering, because the laws of california protect my backdoors""

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