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Do you need a DNS server without censorship and for privacy?

@digitalcourage runs a DNS server located in Germany that doesn't log normal user requests:

👉 2a02: 2970: 1002: 0: 5054: 8aff: fe12: db49
👉 Encrypted requests DNS-over-TLS (German)

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Hi everyone at ! New year, new instance. I moved here from to see how it works.😀

I am Team , supporter, Angel & member at User Group .


I can't believe I didn't try sooner. It's adorably awesome and makes me super happy.

Wow, I never knew about this, Nasa's Pleiades Supercomputers runs on SUSE Enterprise Server . No 32 in the top Supercomputers lost Pleiades Supercomputer


Microsoft is not the . Microsoft is the . NO is the answer.

Why one YouTuber left Windows 10 for Linux - Final straw was his purchased MS Office (which is usually what keeps people using Windows)

A bit long, but an interesting story of what led this YouTuber up to finally abandoning Windows after 35 years of use. Problem is so many people are caught up in the only thing they know, and that thing is milking money as well as data. You'd fully expect if you are paying for a product that you get to own and control it...
One of my favourite YouTube tech channels was actually using Windows desktop also up to a year back, and now he is doing really interesting videos about advanced use of Linux on the desktop (admittedly he does Windows and Linux sys admin work but not previously in a desktop role).
Watch at Why I'm LEAVING Windows For Linux!
#technology #opensource

In a world of empty corporate gestures, Lego just donated $4 million to anti-racist charities. They also pulled all advertising for police-related Lego sets.

Are you interested in a Big Blue Button Integration for Nextcloud? Our partner
@HKN_DE will be happy to answer your questions and explain in detail how you can use Big Blue Button with your Nextcloud! Read more (in German):

LibreOffice tip of the day: Writing a book? "Master documents" let you manage large documents as a container for individual LibreOffice Writer files. More here:

crontab -l allows to check the entries in your user crontabl 📝 No need to edit it and taking the risk to break things 👌

#linux #sysadmin

Wir hatten gestern ein tolles Online-Treffen der LUG Hannover mit 15 Teilnehmer*innen. Dank Freifunk München und ihrem Jitsi-Cluster klappte das wieder sehr gut und reibungslos. Vielen Dank für die Infrastruktur! 🚀 🐧 😀

#Linux #Hannover #Jitsi #Freifunk

Ich bin 48 Jahre alt.
War schon auf zahlreichen Demos.
Bin seit über 30 Jahren Teil der #Antifa und auch irgendwo mitgelaufen.
Ich halte das Gendern für Grundrespekt.
Gibt keine Islamisierung in Deutschland.
Ich stehe zu säkularen Werten.

Und ja, ich hatte eine okaye Kindheit.

@MiguelRbls @Decentralize_today Riot is a great messenger but for video conferences,I recommend Jitsi and BigBlueButton.People can participate without needing an account there and it's very easy to use directly within Firefox.There are dozens of public instances.For BigBlueButton I recommend from a German non-profit organization.They're prepared for much traffic.

Today is a great day to #webboot @opensuse. :)

Together with @regines, I've prepared some instructions to run it from a UBS stick. ✨👩🏻‍💻✨

For #openSUSE support, please use the branch - and yes, you could as well run @fedora with it! \o/ Just append memmap=4GB!4GB in the syslinux.cfg for that purpose.

Here are a prebuilt #Linux kernel and initcpio:

#firmware #bootloader #LinuxBoot

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