Wasps showed up in my garden and I tried to shoo them away until I realized they were only hanging out on the plants (kale, broccoli, basil) with holes in the leaves. Turns out they were eating the tiny very hungry caterpillars. I wonder what will show up to eat the wasps.

There’s a constant thread in the groups about whether students should be allowed to use calculators in math. (Back to basics crashes into modern standards…not just math on that.) My learner deals with so a calculator helps with scaffolding where appropriate _and_ I believe in internalizing math through pencil and paper. But as another argument, putting a graphing calculator to work on systems of equations does really highlight what it is you’re solving.

These doubled in size in a single day, no lie. Also no pesticides or supergrowth hormones. Incoming pesto.


Primary day! Free pens, free elections. If you are in pay attention to school board.

Part of kiddo’s study of the history of English was to watch The Professor and the Madman. We had to pause and cry several times. Sean Penn is brilliant. Not sure if I’ll be listing this one under history or psychology. Also, we want to see a copy of the OED. Surely one of the libraries around here has one?

We stumbled on creating a fun dinner conversation game… go around in a circle telling related stories with the starter “that reminds me of…” Everyone participates and no one interrupts. Genius!

I packed up a couple boxes of our books and took them to a curriculum fair. The organizers were nice but didn't market well, so there weren't any buyers. So we packed them back up and brought them home, and I've put them back on the shelf. Oh well, you never know when someone will wander in with an urge to learn algebra.

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