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@ifoundtheme@twitter.com @Data_Together@twitter.com Yes. A great conversation + great facilitation @b_fiive@twitter.com Looking forward to more in the future. (and the blog post!)

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Data maintenance is a practice of care. In our conversation on Stewardship, we discuss:

* Data stewardship embedded in protocols vs surfaced to conscious care
* User expectations and technology's scope in human systems
* Who chooses what is kept

Read: datatogether.org/posts/04_stew

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I love our @Data_Together@twitter.com conversations because I can *feel* foundational concepts slot into place and shape my worldview.

Thanks for a great conversation on decentralization (technical, political, philosophical, and social) today. Can't wait to write the blog post version.

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Deepening our models for data ownership and stewardship, our conversation on Alternatives to Capitalist Structures asked:

* Can there be privacy and ethical data handling in a world where data must be monetized?
* How can we reward value?

Read: datatogether.org/posts/03_alte

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Our discussion on Civics asked:

* What is virtue in a civic society?
* What are the obligations of an individual to their society, and vice versa?
* What are the boundaries of your own polity– to what communities do you owe allegiance?

Read: datatogether.org/posts/02_civi

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In our discussion on the Knowledge Commons, we focused on how knowledge, information, and digital data might be treated and governed as common pool resources.

* Cost of sharing
* Commoning practice
* Necessity of use

Read: datatogether.org/posts/01_know

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We are blogging the second season of Data Together's reading group! Find all of the resources at: github.com/datatogether/readin


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