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Hey, everyone! This is Daryl, the same one as and For those who know me: yes, I've moved instances (again). For those who don't: hello, it's nice to meet you!

I apologize to my followers old and new for not posting much on this account... I'm currently handling my first project at my job, so it's been a busy month for me. Also my personal laptop broke down.

Plus, my interests for the past months have been mainly Stardew Valley and Minecraft, but I don't know if people want to hear about those anyway.

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MapAmore promotes open geographical data including OpenStreetMap, and posts OSM hints and tips. You can follow at:

➡️ @MapAmore

The account is based in the Philippines and promotes OSM contribution there.

#MapAmore #Maps #Mapping #Map #OpenStreetMap #OSM #OpenData #Technology #Geography #Geographical #Cartography #Activism #Travel #Philippines

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🇺🇸 my list with #Android app permissions explained finally was updated again. Playstore no longer shows them, so we need to make them prominent by other means. Of course my app listings link there for each app:

🇩🇪 meine Liste mit erklärten Android-App-Berechtigungen ist endlich mal wieder überholt worden (Zeit war's). Und da Playstore sie nicht mehr zeigt, machen wir es um so deutlicher!


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Show the world that you are now using #Codeberg, by adding a badge to your repo's README or website: 💙

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Tibor Kaputa spends his days developing the Simple range of apps for Android-based OS and makes them available free of charge on F-Droid. I use a bunch of them and they're fantastic. Please consider trying out his apps and making a contribution to support his work:

#Android #FreeCode #FDroid #TiborKaputa

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#Nitter is an AGPLv3 licensed #Twitter frontend with all the features of the default site -- but more importantly -- it returns all of the freedom that Twitter's nonfree JavaScript takes away from you. Try out one of the instances at

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"Nerd Fonts - Iconic font aggregator, glyphs/icons collection, & fonts patcher"

"Nerd Fonts patches developer targeted fonts with a high number of glyphs (icons). Specifically to add a high number of extra glyphs from popular ‘iconic fonts’ such as Font Awesome, Devicons, Octicons, and others."

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#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg again with 67 updated and 6 new apps:

* CTU Menza: Czech Technical University in Prague mensa
* Librera Reader: eBook reader
* Mute reminder: notifies when ringer is muted but media is not
* SecondsClock: clock widget
* Spotube: Spotify client
* UnitsTool: convert units

Note that while the #fdroid website is currently broken, your F-Droid client on-device will still work fine. So enjoy your #foss #android #apps from, at and with F-Droid :awesome:

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Today's #AndroidAppRain is happening at with 10 updated and 5 new apps:

* OpenWRT Manager: manage your OpenWRT router from your phone
* Occtax-mobile: Collect biodiversity data in GeoNature Occtax module
* NotiNotes: notes living in your notification panel
* Note Calendar: calendar with notes functionality
* File Manager: a privacy-friendly file manager

Enjoy your #free #android #apps with #fdroid :awesome: :fdroid:

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Our timeline is filled with people celebrating that #adobe plans to offer a freemium version of #Photoshop for the browser.

Just in case you didn't know:
#GIMP, #Krita @krita, #Inkscape @inkscape, #Scribus and many other great graphics tools are already available - free/libre to use, free to improve, free to share. Check them out! 💙

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Today's #AndroidAppRain brings you 86 updated and 8 new apps on @fdroidorg (plus 6 updated in my repo):

* ChordReader 2: fetch chords & lyrics online
* Filester: a simple file uploader
* Gao&Blaze: a narrative investigation game
* Gugal: an alternative Google Search app (requires Google account & API key)
* Intra: encrypted DNS client
* Session F-Droid: encrypted private messenger
* Unchained: interact with Real Debrid

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps with, at & from #fdroid :awesome:

For everyone who followed me from my old account looks like the migration process finally fixed itself! Welcome to my new home, everyone!

Hey, everyone! This is Daryl, the same one as and For those who know me: yes, I've moved instances (again). For those who don't: hello, it's nice to meet you!


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