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Mormon Congregation Assaults & Drowns Out Mothers Warning Them That Church Leaders Enable Pedophiles

A pair of mothers, whose children had been molested by a pedophile that leaders of a Mormon congregation in West Virginia had protected and lied for, took ma...

New Mastodon server ban suggestion for anti-semitism, sexism, overall asshattery related with 4/8chan.


Thimesoral is the mercury based ingredient in vaccines that you probably refer to?

According to Centers For Disease Control And Preventation: "(scientists) haven’t found any evidence that thimerosal causes harm."

Bulk manage account relationships.

Shipping with Remote Following in v0.9.5! 🚀 #pixelfed

Mastodon is now on the translation platform Crowdin. So far it seems like a much better interface for translating

You can help by either submitting translations or proofreading existing ones! #mastodev

Plasma 5.16 is out! Check out all the new features and marvel at the improvements that now make working with Plasma smoother and more fun!

Did you know you can play chess on the Fediverse? 🐴 👑 lets you challenge people or put yourself forward to be challenged:

Moves happen by toots using chess notation, there are further instructions on the site.

It works with Mastodon and other ActivityPub-powered platforms.

#Chess #Échecs #Schach #Scacchi #Ajedrez

Fediverse users who are blind or partially sighted rely on screen readers to read posts aloud.

It's important to add alt texts on images you post, so screen reader users know what is in them.

You can do this on Mastodon by clicking on "Describe for the visually impaired" after attaching an image.

But what if you forget?

Well, there's a useful bot which will send you an instant message if you forget to add alt text:


To use it, just follow it!

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon

is a board for X.

xboard supports computer players which can be provided by numerous engines. xboard can also run as a client for internet chess servers, where it can play or spectate games. Playing over email is also supported. Many types of chess may be played with xboard, from shogi to Chess960.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: xboard

When you're reading a thread full of content warnings in Mastodon, do you get annoyed at having to open each warning one by one?

There's a really easy way to open all the warnings in a thread at once:

1. Go to the thread
2. Click on the eye-shaped icon in the top right corner to toggle all warnings open or closed

That's it!

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

Black Mirror S05E01 spoilers 

We are considering a Kickstarter campaign to sustain full time development of Pixelfed for another year! #pixelfed

If you want to use the Fediverse through a Facebook-style interface, you may want to try Friendica.

Some good instances to sign up at:

You can use Friendica through the @fedilab app.

It federates through ActivityPub with Mastodon etc and it also lets you follow RSS feeds as if they were users.

The developers are very active with regular new releases.

#Friendica #Facebook #Alternatives #DeleteFacebook #ReplaceFacebook

Most free (libre) software is also gratis, but not all! Some free software costs money, but with it comes all of the freedoms to share with your neighbor and make modifications! Buying free software ensures that our traditions can continue, and donating to gratis projects does the same.

🚀After a month of work, I launched the new Pepper&Carrot website! Discover the new features and contents →

is a free and fun .

Warzone 2100 features a fun campaign with many missions, over 400 researchable technologies, and an easy to use yet deep unit customization system. Warzone 2100 can also be played with friends over the internet.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: warzone2100

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