#Pass is a git-based, gpg-encrypted, cli password manager. It's also one of my #CoolProjects 😉

I use it with a #dmenu plugin as a desktop-wide password manager along with the mobile app from #FDroid. They're synced (with ssh keys) over a private git repository on my #Gitea instance.

The dmenu plugin uses a component of X to "type" passwords for you so it even works with a web VNC console like you get for managing a VPS.


@amolith this is very much in line with my setup, a slight alteration on the git server.


@amolith have a gitolite server, and an off-site on the keybase git hosting.

@gentoorebel Maybe Gitolite ☝️ is more what you're wanting?

@darrel I've got a Keybase account too but I haven't made use of the git repos yet

@amolith @darrel eh, like I said elsewhere I don't plan to host other people's stuff and I have no issues keeping track of my own. Seems like everything that's mroe complicated than "ssh keys and plain git commands" feels like a bludgeon in my hand.

@gentoorebel Lol alright. I quite like Gitea but I can definitely see how it feels terribly bloated if that's all you're looking for 😉

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