Been lurking for a while so should probably post my .

Personal: Father of 6. Wife, children and I also operate a homestead, mostly for personal use, consisting of produce, chickens, and goats.

Professional: Network and UNIX Systems engineering background, with more of a focus on design and architecture lately.

FOSS advocate, supporter, and user, running either Linux or BSD on the desktop since 2001.

Not a heavy poster most of the time.

@skipfordj it has been quite a while, nearly 10 years since i left LiquidWeb. How have you been?

@darrel It's been an eventful decade. From the sounds of it, for you as well.

Big respect for managing having 6 Kids, we got three Boys of similar age (a single born and a twin, all three born within 2 years), and it is quite a challenge.

@possebaer Thanks, honestly you having twins is more of a triumph. Ours are on average about 20 months apart, closest being 16 months, and furthest being 28 months, which is nothing like two at once.

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