Dear fellow devs... We have the power to make the world a slightly better place. Say no to design decisions like this...

@davep The phrasing is funny, but I read that as both title and gender not matching with some reference profile.

So the only design problem would be slightly ambiguous phrasing.

@davep Looks like the system already had some information saved that didn't match some new information, no?

@darkwiiplayer That would be deeply weird and further evidence of a terrible design. But even then... title and gender, like say address or something else, can change. Deny a change would be bonkers.

Like... I've never met someone born a doctor. 🤷🏻‍♀️


@davep Ye, that's definitely a problem; but the replies of that tweet are filled with idiots acting like the form is saying the gender doesn't match the title, which is just not what it says.

@darkwiiplayer It's a perfectly valid interpretation, I'd say. And for anyone long enough in the software development game not even too bizarre; that sort of bias shows up all over the place.

Eg: keep an eye out for gender drop-downs and notice the order of choices, in some places.

My general point being though: title and gender and stuff like that should *never* be key information. Devs can and should know better. Look at the result.

@davep No, it is not. That interpretation is just seriously ridiculous and any sane person would easily understand what's being said.

As for using title etc. as key information, that probably just reflects pre-computerised processes making it into the digital age because some higher-up was afraid of change. Happens all the time, sadly.

@darkwiiplayer Hmm, with terms like "idiots" and "sane" being thrown about I suspect we're not going to have a terribly productive conversation about why it would be a reasonable interpretation,.even if ultimately wrong.

@davep There isn't much of a conversation to be had there; it takes heaps of bad faith to assume that's actually what that means and there's no reason whatsoever why such a system would act that way other than some rogue programmer who *somehow* managed to sneak this past QS and nobody noticed.

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