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Are there any sites that are consistently tracking the readiness of PinePhone as a daily driver?

Games with a heavy emphasis on grinding seem a good metaphor for life.

What's the longest period of time you've worked on a single project or idea?

I changed to a 5-color grayscale palette for this project. I have no art skill, so 16x16 textures and 3-bit color are the right constraints for me to make progress.

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Can any PinePhone owners comment on if it's far enough along to be a primary phone? Calls, texts, camera, music, and light web browsing are my main use cases.

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Weird that the Lutron switch/dimmer I just installed in my house didn't have terminal screws. Most of us don't want to put more wire nuts in a switch box than necessary.

Once again thinking about getting a PinePhone, now that they're shipping again.

Garage remodel step 2: make better use of more space. My garage is single car size. I didn't want to put floor-to-ceiling shelves on the west side like I have on the east side, since I thought that might make it feel very cramped.

So I put 2 shelves just above my head and fastened them to the wall and suspended them from the ceiIing. To keep them low profile, I suspended them from strut using threaded rod instead of using wood hangers.

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And a goal emerged:

- be able to to do all common image editing tasks with one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse
- while never having to move the mouse away from the image canvas to a toolbar (besides color palette) or a menu bar
- and never having to move the mouse hand to the keyboard.

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I implemented select/cut/copy/paste functionality in my own image editor today.

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Testing out animation support in the modal image editor I've been making. C language + SDL.

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I have a list of unfinished co-op that have a beginning and an end. If you like PC or PS4 gaming and have the dedication to see a game through to the end, hit me up. I'm looking for a sidekick.

- Northgard (RTS)
- Sniper Elite 4 (FPS campaign)
- Divinity Original Sin 2 (isometric RPG)
- Dark Souls II (Action RPG)
- Dungeons 3 (Strategy)
- The Escapists 2 (Strategy?)
- Overcooked 2 (Party)
- Tropico 5 (City Sim)
- (PS4) Ghost Recon Wildlands (3rd-person shooter campaign)

Got everything that came off the old shelves back on the new ones, and then some, and still have some room to spare. I couldn't stand having stuff on the floor with no space to put it anymore.

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Garage remodel step 1: make better use of the existing space. These shelves were way too tall to accommodate a lot of the things I keep in the garage.

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No shifts for several days. Off to remodel the garage.

Some new features in my image editor: spread view, global palette color replacement, single color view. C language + SDL2.

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