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Built a test circuit, but I'm limited in what I can test. The UP5k is 3.3v logic and I don't have logic level shifters, so I can't safely read from the 6551.

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Somewhat patiently waiting for nextpnr to build so I can start working on some W65C51/MAX232 circuits with my Lattice UP5k board.

Basic communication my desktop serial port and the MAX232E, as decoded with my cheap logic analyzer.

Working with the MAX232E today. One of the next things I want to implement on my 6502-based computer is a serial port. This would let me update its program from my desktop computer.
The desktop's serial port will use ~12V logic signals. Since I'm working with TTL/CMOS, I'll use the MAX232E to convert between 12V/5V.

@Tayo @kev @vancha Finished cleaning the carburetors on my Ninja 250 last weekend. Today, I did the chain maintenance and took it for a spin around the neighborhood. It's running fine. Next thing is to fill/burp cooling system.

Threw a mess on the floor to take the photo. :morty: Hardware work happens on the left, software on the right.

Working on small applications that work with my personal info (calendar, work log, notes, etc.) as tree/list/map data structures. Just a little crazy idea I have to indulge for awhile.

I'll move to continued motorcycle tune-up work this afternoon.

I took a bit of pride in my home network this morning. Got all that cable slack off the floor and each one bundled before it reaches the (newly installed) patch panel. I'd like to neaten up the device CAT5 routing too, but I only have a handful of devices, so it's not critical. It would be fun to build a rack one day, but I'm not sure if I'll ever use devices to need one.

Giving flexjobs a try. I've been looking for 5-10 hours a week of contract programming/ops work and coming up short on Indeed and Craigslist.

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Close to first release of my client written in .

Things I have to do before v0.1.0 (alpha) release:

* Finish cleaning code
* Clean up the search UI, text file UI ,and file browser UI
* Add help page
* Add the already implemented downloader to other filetypes (including being a catchall)
* Update README
* Implement horizontal scrolling for very long lines in MenuMode

See the v0.1.0 milestone:

Anyone have a line on when the pinephone will be available to order?

Bot scripting for Matrix this morning. This reminds me of long ago making AOL "proggies" with Visual Basic, and mIRC scripting. I'm a little bit better at programming now than then.

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Just found out about the Mastodon project - this is exciting. 👀

Setup is complete. Federation/certs took some time, but nothing too difficult. Looking forward to convincing family and friends to join me on my Matrix instance.

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Any matrix-synapse admins on the fediverse? I'd be interested to know what kind of issues I might face over time.

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Installing a Matrix homeserver (with IRC bridge) as the official messaging system for our Phoenix Computer Engineering Club.

Bought a $35 dishwasher on craiglist last week. Routed the plumbing and installed it today. Seems to work fine so far, albeit with a small leak in the front. Will try to find a new door seal for it tomorrow. Washing dishes by hand was getting tiresome, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it is to have a few minutes back each night.

Rough demo of the first feature I want to add to C: automatic header file generation. The source .fc file on the left shows the "pub" keyword used to indicate functions that need header file declarations. This file compiles to valid .c and .h files.

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