Anyone used any of the decentralized live streaming services, like D.Tube? Any opinions on any of them? Furthermore, are there any major centralized live streaming services besides YouTube and twitch?

@daremo heard good things about @owncast but not a streamer here, so it would be good to get info from someone more into that.

@rysiek @owncast Owncast looks like a really interesting option for someone that doesn't mind self-hosting.

@daremo In case you're not aware, PeerTube also supports live streaming, but I have no real experience with how well it does that.

@schmittlauch @jason123santa Interesting, looks like you could use Jitsi to broadcast to Peertube and have chat covered that way.

@daremo @schmittlauch Yeah I don't know anything but if you want a YouTube steaming alternative this might be a good option.

@daremo @owncast I would not be surprised if there were some open instances available to register on for those who do not want to bother with self-hosting themselves.

@daremo Can someone explain what is decentralized about D.Tube? I checked it out and it's just a website that additionally sells some coin.

@Gargron They try to explain it themselves:!/wiki/faq/how-does-dt

Otherwise, I don't know any more about it than you do. I found it on a list of alternative streaming sites, and used it as an example.

@daremo I've clicked on 5 videos now and they're all hosted on YouTube...

@Gargron @daremo It uses IPFS somehow, but also cryptocurrency and blockchain stuff – which on its own is a huge "No, get the hell out of there" from me.
I didn't really dig into their architecture, but apparently at least their web app is a central access point. While there might be other clients available, at least for the web app their excuse of not being able to moderate content is invalid.
Combined with the popularity of the platform among nazis and conspiracy nuts, this indicates ->

@Gargron @daremo the dtube operators are either conspiracy nazis as well or at least libertarian freeze🍑 folks. At least for me, both properties would rather drive me away from such a partly-centralised service.

@schmittlauch @daremo I wanted to see if they at least load content from IPFS somehow or use a central gateway indistinguishable from a normal website. But I'm struggling to find a single video on there that doesn't just embed from YouTube.

@Gargron @daremo Even if they do, AFAIK they cannot do that in a browser so far, requiring their own server as a proxy at least.

The problem about reading crypto bro project's specs is that they're full of their own brainworm-buzz-word terminology.

@schmittlauch @Gargron @daremo I was very early on steemit and saw the evolvement in the beginning. My guess: They're getting so much money from the generated content that they've gotten blind for anything.

@liaizon @schmittlauch @daremo Well, from a gateway under the same domain under their control. You wouldn't even know if it was serving it from a local hard disk drive or not. Besides, IPFS content still has to be stored by someone -- if it's not pinned, it disappears, so it's probably still just them storing it on their hard disk drive anyway.

Pretend for a moment that I'm trying to assess their value proposition at face value. I do not get the point.

@Gargron @schmittlauch @daremo not defending ipfs or dtube in anyway, was just sharing a link to something you stated you were looking for...

@daremo I did use them a few times, I think it is mostly a matter of content.

@daremo Peertube has a live steaming feature that was announced with the 3.0 release.

@daremo Owncast seems to be the major player in inddependent streaming. Watched a stream earlier in the week. Seemed to work, but I can't find typical system requirements anywhere...

@dheadshot @daremo Gabe the creator of Owncast can correct me if I am wrong, but it is hard to say "these specs work great" because every instance has different requirements and goals.

cc: @gabek

@graywolf336 @dheadshot @daremo Yeah that's absolutely the case. You can get by live streaming from some pretty meager machines, but as your requirements and expectations grow so do your resources. Many have run on a $5 VPS or even a Raspberry Pi (since it supports hardware accelerated encoding).

@daremo there both Owncast and PeerTube.

The former (I think) is single user and very easy to set up (it is stream only, I don't think they host the videos later), but requires 3rd party storage to scale

PeerTube is much larger, multi-users, and can be harder to set up, but it uses P2P for live-streaming so it scales automatically to hundreds of users (tested) without 3rd parties

@daremo D.Tube only has decentralized videos using a technique very simulare to LBRY/Odysee but arguably with better technology in the background but like on Odysee streaming is fully centralized since technologies like IPFS or Torrents would cause very bad delays aka you need a central server to do it. The only actually decentralized solutions are therefor federated ones like Peertube where you have a server.

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