Giving bspwm a shot after using i3 for several years (and dabbling a bit with dwm). I can tell I'm going to like this.

@daremo it's great I've been using it for about a week now, and I'm really enjoying it :)

@sotolf @daremo Yep, have been using it for many years now. Have tried others but nothing have felt as home as Bspwm.

@shellkr @sotolf So far, very impressed, though I'm only trying it in a VM with a single monitor configuration.

I can fully conceptualize bspwm and my interface with it after reading the short man page. Other advanced WMs have long user guides and IPC is not necessarily straightforward.

@shellkr @sotolf Other WMs have had me stumbling through window layouts to find what I need when I have lots of things open. I've wanted for a long time to call up desktops by name with the keyboard, similar to vim/kak editor buffers. I can do this easily with bspwm named desktops and the bspc program.

Because IPC is so easy, I can set some aliases to the bspc program and use it do less frequently used things. I don't have to worry about setting keyboard shortcuts for every little thing.

@daremo @sotolf Yes, it is very configurable.. which is why I have stuck with it. I could iron out all the small papercuts in a way I couldn't in other wm's. I haven't riced for a long time now just because I haven't needed. I got it precisely where I want it. ;)

@shellkr @daremo one of the best things I think is how it feels like you're building your own wm in some way, and adding one little thing at a time gets you used to what you have, and now I have something that's really fit to me and my strange keyboard layout ;)

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