Ever feel like you have a week where you're operating way below where you thought your skill level was? I've been working for so long developing a recursive algorithm to do path-finding through these BSP trees I'm using. I think I finally see the solution after trying several different ways to visualize it on paper. This exercise has shown me I really need to learn better techniques for tracing and visualizing recursion.

@daremo I have definitely had weeks that makes me reflect deeply on my competence. I mean, I question my competence constantly, but some weeks just wreck you.

@daremo Computing is vast, and we're all (or most of us) novices in 99% of it.

I'm always down to pair for an hour on something. Either one of us learns something from the other, or we gain an extra sample point that programming is hard.

@akkartik Thanks very much. I'd do the same if you needed it. I think I'm through this problem, but I'll keep your offer in mind next time. We can't solve all the problems without some help along the way. 😄

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