Oof. I updated my workstation today (Arch) and it locked up hard several times since. I switched from i3 to dwm and it seems to have worked around the problem temporarily.

Still getting the hard lockups with dwm. This isn't good, but I don't want to spend time troubleshooting right now. I'll do more non-computer things for the next couple days.

@daremo running a compositor? Try turning it off.

Also: memtest if you can.

@nathand No compositor. Thanks for the memtest suggestion. I'll try it tomorrow.

@hund Full system upgrade. I'm not yet sure if the update is causing the lockups or not. I've since done a successful memtest and confirmed the lockups happen when I start X with i3 and no other programs running. Since I got a lockup with dwm as well, it seems to be independent of window manager.

I've noticed I get some garbage on my display in the BIOS screen when I reboot. I'm wondering if there's a problem with the video card. But it's all conjecture until I spend more time looking into it.

@daremo I would look at what packages you updated and then downgrade any suspicious ones, like the kernel or anything with the graphics.

Have you checked the logs and well?

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