Once again thinking about getting a PinePhone, now that they're shipping again.

Can any PinePhone owners comment on if it's far enough along to be a primary phone? Calls, texts, camera, music, and light web browsing are my main use cases.

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@daremo me too. they seem functional enough to use a daily 'second' phone.

@daremo I want a PineTab, but alas, it seems there's no word on when that might be available.

@daremo I have one and it's so far to be primarily phone. The battery discharge so fast, some distros have bugs to receiving calls, some distros just reboot the phone suddenly. The most stable Phosh distro I have tried is Debian, and Ubports has been the smoothest experience in touch I have ever tried but still buggy. I reported all the errors I can. If you want to test and play just buy the phone and also you will help distros but if you want something stable you should way a bit more.

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