I really want to start a computing history/homebrew computing podcast. It's a sticky idea of mine.

@daremo Go for it, Fritz. There's a lot of interest in retro computing at the moment. If you're looking for guests, drop me a line once you're up and running happily.

@neildarlow That would be great. It's a bit overwhelming to think about doing something like that regularly with full time employment, but people do it all the time, of course. Maybe I'll look into doing a pilot episode and go from there.

@daremo You can do it at a frequency that suits you and available material.

People will be prepared to wait for good content.

Magazines are published monthly so there's no reason you can't do something like that.

@neildarlow @daremo Yeah don't set yourself up for failure by committing to a particular schedule, format, quality level, etc. Just do it. I'm sure you'd find plenty of subscribers and guests on here!

@freakazoid @neildarlow You've convinced me. I'm going to mull over a few starting points this week and then see if I can record something acceptable using the headset I already own.

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