This 65C02 computer circuit has outgrown breadboard construction. There are 5 chips on the top right almost completely hidden by bus cables. I'm not yet ready for PCB. Starting next week, I'll move this to wire wrap on a perfboard. Wire wrap supplies are ordered and on the way.

I'm up to 7 breadboards and 11 ICs. The scope shows how sloppy the clock signal gets as it goes over long wires from the oscillator to the I/O and sound chips. I've seen no functional problems at 1 MHz system clock, in spite of this.

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For a moment I thought you had 3 oscopes. I was about to express my jealousy.😃

@daremo @oranje looks like you're getting a kind of noises from these breadboards ? are your using a passive filter ? btw nice project

@castrillo Yes, I think it's a combination of noise on the breadboards and on the very long signal wires. Believe it or not, I have almost no filtering in place right now except for a couple caps on power/ground rails. When I start to move it to the wire wrapped perf board, I'll put a cap across VCC/GND for every IC.

@daremo indeed , you can get a cleaner signal 👍 I used to do the same from my projects

@daremo You must be a mastermind to be able to look through all this wiring hell!

I love it! :D

@Ghosty When I started doing this kind of thing a couple years ago, I would cut and strip wires to the right lengths to keep everything neat. But that made the work pretty slow. I gave up and just started flying wires everywhere. It's not too hard to keep track of what goes where, but it's definitely getting hard to reach in there and make changes now!

@Ghosty Yeah, that's right. Prototype, refine, refactor. 🤔

@daremo Strip out the last 2 bits and you've got my free-time coding mentality ;) :morty:

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