Still waiting for my SN76489s to arrive, but I also ordered 2 AY-3-8910As and a YM2149, which are also compatible with my planned 1 MHz clock speed. All are from Chinese sellers, so I'll be waiting a few weeks until I can experiment. Anyone used the AY-3-8910A before?

@freakazoid I've been thinking about getting one to play with. The AY-3-8910s I have are very similar. Once I have this main board finished, the first expansion board I do will probably combine the LCD display and sound hardware.

@daremo On the YM2149, I'd just heard that there are a lot of fakes out there, and pulls pretending to be NOS. Probably more likely to work than a fake SID at least.

Is this for an RC2014 or something else? My SN76489-based sound card for the RC2014 is pretty much full, so I am not sure how one could add much more without going to a larger board or to surface mount.

@freakazoid It's for my own 65C02-based computer. See my past few toots for some photos.

Shame to hear there's an abundance of YM fakes. I get audio from the SN7s I have, but on the scope that looks like a sine/sawtooth rather than a true square wave, which makes me wonder whether or not they're the real thing. The AY-3s I have give me a nice square wave on the scope and I have no reason to doubt they're legitimacy based on my limited testing so far.

@daremo Oh, right! I'm pretty sure I knew that when I'd first responded, but then I forgot later. I've been steeped in RC2014 stuff despite the fact that my first "real" computing experience was with a 6502-based machine (C64). I have an actual C64 for my 6502 retrocomputing needs, though. Perhaps after the RC2014!

@freakazoid I also have a C64 I picked up several years ago, but it's safely packed away at the moment.

I have no experiencing actually programming for the Z80, but I implemented most of it in an emulator awhile ago and got a passing familiarity with the instruction set then. Do you like your RC2014? It seems like there are a lot of nice peripherals for it.

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