Mentally struggling with how I want to handle computing in the future. Transitioning in any way will require the outlay of resources in both time and money ... so I continue to study options and think about how I want to work at a fundamental level.

I am being purposefully vague because I don’t have a clear look at even what the options are. So many platform options. So many incompatible ways of doing things. All filled with various compromises and that is beside the need to continue to interface with a proprietary world around me (higher ed).

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To that end ... anyone want to help me run Ethernet through my 100+ year old 2-story home? No? Didn’t think so. 👍

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@boblmartens I'll guess you're not in central Arizona. If you were, I'd help you. I put several receptacles in my house that all terminate in a closet with my servers. It was intimidating before I got started, but now I can add one easily. Let me know if you have questions.

@daremo Thanks, and I am not there. The work doesn’t intimidate me ... sadly I’m just lazy. 😉

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