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I think we are feature- and bug-complete for the first part of the UI, which is the pattern editor. I'll get this ready for release and push master.

This makes vtracker a bit more usable, but it still needs an instrument editor and track editor before it has a complete user interface.

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Just drained the fuel tank and pulled the carburetors on my first motorcycle, an '05 Ninja 250 which I haven't ridden in quite awhile. I'm gonna disassemble and clean the carbs, then finish a full tune up and sell the bike.

There are probably a few repairs to be done. The front disc needs replacing and the wires to the rear turn signals are severed. Mice, I guess?

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We should just call static websites 'micro pages', the industry would be all over that immediately.

Here's the talk I presented this week at the 2019.2 meeting of the Phoenix Computer Engineering Club:

Beginning work on my talk for the 2019.2 session of the Phoenix Computer Engineering Club.

This one will introduce latches and flip-flops and demonstrate simulating with Verilator, again.

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@djsundog This is generally good life advice no matter the social occasion.

Preferred ways of searching ones own tweet history? Sometimes I like to follow up on a thread I started a few months ago. Scrolling down to find it works, but can take a lot of time.

It's official. I'm a helper electrician for a local contractor, starting on Monday.

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Wish there was a secure email hosting service out there with family-friendly pricing. I would love to dump Google, and I already have my own domain names, but all the services I've looked at are really expensive when you need 3-4 mailboxes.

Thinking about the next computer engineering meetup talk. I would like to cover more boolean algebra and karnaugh maps, and then demonstrate implementing mealy/moore state machines, which I don't feel like I understand too well myself at the moment.

Almost done with my talk for tomorrow's 2019.1 session of the Phoenix Computer Engineering Club.

The talk is "Simulating Digital Circuits with Verilator" and will be on gitlab after the session.

I'm investigating augmenting my career with experience in construction/trades. I have an interview with a contractor for a position as an electrician.

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@vertigo @jbob What's the chapter titles? I can often get PDFs of papers and chapters that appear in proceedings or journals through interlibrary loan.

Oof, power is out to 3 ceiling fans in the house, but not to the cable/LAN closet, which is on the same circuit. I suspect a bad connection or run of wire. Attic times coming up today.

I hope I can find the problem and that this'll be a simple circuit to work on, since it's only ceiling fixtures that are affected. I only wish it had happened a month or two ago, before 100F+ highs.

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According to Our World In Data, "For the first time there are more people over 64 than children younger than 5".

Explore the chart for projections of the world population, or by country or region.

#Data #Population

The M68K instruction set has proven to be far more complex to decode and emulate than the 8080, GameBoy, and CHIP-8 architectures I've done previously. After a few days of learning and tools setup, I'm starting to make a bit of progress.

I'm working on starting a local computer engineering meetup. We had a pilot meeting last Tuesday. If you're in the Phoenix AZ area and interested in computer engineering and digital logic (or know someone who is) and would like to meet with us, please get in touch.

Yesterday, I got a 68000 assembly and debug (via Amiga 500 emulator) environment set up, and started getting familiar with the instruction set and encoding.

The 68000, and 16-bit assembly language in general, are new to me. I'm finding MarkeyJester's 68k tutorial to be a great resource.

Has anyone here written a Genesis/Mega Drive emulator? I'm thinking of giving it a shot.

I've written more C in the last year than in the rest of my life up to that point. I'm reflecting a bit on why I feel so productive in C.

- Small core language. Easy to keep a lot of it in my head.
- Small standard library; easy to keep an "info" window open and find what I need.
- Few distractions created by the ecosystem/tools.
- Lightning fast builds.

Managing names and changes in both .h and .c files is a pain, and my biggest gripe about C. But it's really my only major one right now.

Anyone maintaining a list of federated internet services? I know of email, Mastodon and Matrix and am wondering what else is out there right now?

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