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Finished my first blog post of the year

A review and retrospective of 2018. If you find anything interesting, valuable, or debatable, comments are welcome.

What is a subtoot? I missed something.

I've been using Syncthing for quite awhile now to sync my work over my laptop, workstation, and FreeNAS host. It's been decent, but I've always had some annoyances with slow scan and sync times. Today, I found a couple files that weren't syncing at all, with no indication of why. I deleted the databases from all the hosts and let ST rebuild them. Hopefully a fresh start to the DB with ST 1.1.1 performs a bit more consistently.

Working with GTK+ for the first time today.

Interesting to me that 10-day Vipassana meditation courses are offered gratis and expenses are met by donations.

@kev Your SyncThing data loss experience is pretty alarming. I've been using ST for quite awhile now and never had that happen, fortunately. It's been "ok" so far, but things seem to take awhile to sync sometimes, with no obvious feedback on the reason for the wait.

I do serve a bit of JS with sphinx presently. I may try to eliminate that eventually, but in the meantime, I can avoid adding more.

Generating some charts for my blog. I don't want to serve JavaScript, so I'm using cairo and libxml to generate the final SVGs.

I really enjoy writing, but it's difficult for me sometimes in that I "feel" what I want to say instead of knowing it from the start. So I just type out a bunch of thoughts as they come to me, then refine and change them over and over again until what I read satisfies the feeling I had in the beginning. Converting the feeling into writing is pretty frustrating sometimes. I wonder if it gets easier with experience?

I picked up a nice flat screen CRT on the street next to the grocery store yesterday. Seems pretty common to get a nice TV in the trash right now, if you still have a use for CRTs.

The idea here is to do a fun wireframe effect on the , using pre-computed vertex data from a much more powerful computer. That's working, in principal, but the flicker is bad. Guess it's time to work on timing.

Speed of execution is a benefit of confidence and experience, but not a universal one. Sometimes experience makes us take more time, not less, as we move toward a result more carefully.

Increased patience and distance vision are less obvious benefits of experience. The further into the future you can see, the easier it is to continue working in the face of setbacks and little or no short-term progress.

Porting those line drawing routines to 6502 assembly now. Tedious, but a great training exercise in 6502 asm.

Not too bad of a week this week. Slowly getting back to a regular meditation practice. Was able to help out at the local hackerspace.

Finished my first blog post of the year

A review and retrospective of 2018. If you find anything interesting, valuable, or debatable, comments are welcome.

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The fun and addictive part of solving problems is "feeling" structure emerge from what previously seemed like an imposing mass of ignorance.

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