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I think we are feature- and bug-complete for the first part of the UI, which is the pattern editor. I'll get this ready for release and push master.

This makes vtracker a bit more usable, but it still needs an instrument editor and track editor before it has a complete user interface.

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Has anyone found a way to get your raw whole genomic sequence without yielding your DNA to corporations yet?

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pushing bytes at midnight ⚡ 📶 💿

After the first week, I decided the structure around the OCW courses is distracting and offers no benefit over a textbook for my purposes. So I abandoned the idea of following an internet course and am learning by working through my textbooks directly.

After the second week, I understood I need more frequent reinforcement of material, so I've built in a half day of review on 1 day of the week and 1 hour of review on the other days. I'll refine this over the next few

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Now entering my 4th week of math self-study using a rigorous Calculus textbook and a Linear Algebra textbook.

I've made a lot of changes to my learning process over the first three weeks, but I think I've arrived at something that's working pretty well and will only need minor changes.

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Entering my second week of taking 3 MIT OCW math courses: Calculus with Theory, Differential Equations,
and Linear Algebra. I'm aiming to finish them in the time typical semester (3-3.5 months).

I haven't looked at calculus much since I took it in university 15 years ago. This is my first time taking diff eq and linear algebra courses, so I'm challenged.

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Lucky to find a couple of hours today for writing and testing code. _Time_ really is the most valuable asset. 😅 #MSX #cubedroid

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Since red dwarf stars are able to use up all their helium and are predicted to become "helium white dwarfs" (there are no helium white dwarfs that came from red dwarfs because the universe isn't old enough), I wondered if it was possible to eventually add enough helium that they would reignite.

It turns out there are helium stars out there, and the merger of helium white dwarfs created by hydrogen loss is one of the hypothesized causes. They only last hundreds of millions of years.

Installed my first pre-hung exterior door to my satisfaction after several partial days of fiddling around. I don't claim to be a fast learner in this area.

But now I feel like I can do a pretty good door installation in my house.

Looking forward to trying framing a doorway and hanging a door in a custom frame at some point.

I've been directed to set gnome "scale-to-fit" for pantheon calendar, and it looks much better now.

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Looking for a calendar app to run on PinePhone. So far I've tried gnome-calendar, pantheon-calendar, and evolution, and none look like they're optimized for the mobile display.

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I try to reduce the potential impact of any one service becoming compromised or unavailable. I have credit cards from 5+ different banks, none of which overlap with my 3 checking accounts. Savings and retirement are at yet more. This doesn't mitigate all risk or inconvenience, but it means it's not a total crisis if one provider decides to block my account on a whim.

Just working a little more on my PinePhone running Arch. VLC is good for playing music, and things are working fine with my bluetooth earbuds.

Trouble with the home internet connection lately. I think I've isolated the problem down to my matrix homeserver periodically making thousands of DNS lookups since I recently join a couple rooms with 1000+ members. Then I start seeing routing issues and packet loss.

I currently have a budget NIC in my pfSense host and see it drop a lot of packets when this happens. I just put a local unbound DNS caching server on the matrix host to see if this will help.

Working for the first time seriously on my new PinePhone. It only took me about 15 minutes to get stock KDE into an unbootable state. I flashed Arch today. I just got an SSH connection, so the real fun begins.

Giving bspwm a shot after using i3 for several years (and dabbling a bit with dwm). I can tell I'm going to like this.

After more than a year of deliberation, I finally ordered my PinePhone yesterday. Estimated dispatch mid-January. With BSD grabbing a strong foothold in my home lab over the past few years, I'm looking forward to seeing what BSD OSes I can use on it.

Homemade stir plate made from magnets and a small computer fan. Made a few years ago for making yeast starters for brewing beer.

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hey - does anyone in berlin want a huge (prints on A2), old, amazing pen plotter? (image of it attached).

i got it when i lived there, and i've since moved and had huge hopes of trying to move it back to nyc but it's just not going to be possible. you can have it for free as long as you go and pick it up at my old flat, it's heavy as shit.

includes all needed cables and a lot of repair / maintenance / operation manuals that don't seem to have been digitized anywhere.

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