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I've been busy with some other projects, but today I finally released a new Dashboard version 🔥

After reading a tip from Stefan Judis about running shell examples with a leading $, here's my take from developer perspective:

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines contains 78 success criteria. Learn one criteria each day with Tip of the Day:

Improving demo examples for my upcomming accessibility talk - now with interactive annotations 💡

Check the of any page by running "npx evaluatory"

Evaluatory is basically an axe-core wrapper, but a) it runs all checks at multiple breakpoints and b) it provides a visual HTML results page.

A new short post about using and enforcing LF line endings in Git repositories on Windows:

I didn't know "Young Professional" is a thing in job ads. Sounds like "we're looking for a senior developer, but we're only paying junior rates".

Okay, so do I click the button to turn "Auto Forward" on or off? Toggle buttons without a clear on/off state are confusing your users (the white color is just the hover state)

I've been using Feedly as my RSS reader for the last 7 years. It's still a great tool, but after trying out Inoreader for a week, I'm sold: a more generous free tier, cheaper premium tiers and more power user features.

Testing minimum, avarage and maximum values for my upcoming Twitter dashboard widget 💡

So this is how a rather minor Hacker News exposure (15 points) looks like on the server:

A low text contrast often means a bad user experience. Here's an approach for designing and structuring color palettes so that we can prevent contrast ratio issues before they arise.

I didn't expect thousands of downloads for my 6-year-old just for fun plugin, let alone people creating pull requests 💖

But here we are: you can now get "valuable" commit messages through proxy connections:

Today I've released a tool for creating accessible color palettes:

I'll share a blog post soon 😊

I finally took my next steps by adding h-card and h-entry to my blog. I'll tackle webmentions next 🤓

I would really like to learn about all the benefits, but the low contrast ratio makes it barely readable

When you're choosing a UI framework for your next project, remember to check its out-of-the-box accessibility

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