I'm two posts away from reaching a new all-year high AND 50 articles overall. Great blogging year so far. 🔥✍️

Imagine being a visually impaired person trying to apply to a university in Germany using uni-assist.de . You won't be able to even select the uni, as the select component is totally inaccessible. An actual blind student reported this issue, as she can't proceed. 😠

The community confirms what might seem obvious. Although the assistive technology keeps improving, it's mostly people creating the end products (developers, designers, ...) who have the highest impact on (web) accessibility.


Developers: "HTML is for content. CSS is for styling. Separate your concerns."

Also developers:

I've been busy with some other projects, but today I finally released a new Dashboard version 🔥


Improving demo examples for my upcomming accessibility talk - now with interactive annotations 💡

Okay, so do I click the button to turn "Auto Forward" on or off? Toggle buttons without a clear on/off state are confusing your users (the white color is just the hover state)

Testing minimum, avarage and maximum values for my upcoming Twitter dashboard widget 💡

So this is how a rather minor Hacker News exposure (15 points) looks like on the server:

I would really like to learn about all the benefits, but the low contrast ratio makes it barely readable

I've joined the Profile README club and automated the process to display my latest blog posts 🎉 Here's a short write-up 👇️


1. Google claims to have found "Mobile Usability issues" on my site
2. Checking the Search Console - no issues found
3. Trigger a new validation without changing a thing
4. Now suddenly there are no issues 🤷🏻

Just spreading some love for Functional at my local Software Craftmanship Community 😊

🌈 Quick Tip: In Firefox, you can "Shift + Right Click" to bypass a custom or disabled context menu. Try it out yourself: codepen.io/darekkay/pen/rNxxwz


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