🌈 How accessible are personal blogs and portfolio websites? I've analyzed over 1600 personal sites and it turns out they're doing better than big popular websites. But there's still a lot of room for improvement.

@darekkay Surprised missing alt-text wasn't higher on the list! But I guess "SEO experts" have been recommending it for years.

@lyndon I think the reason is that personal websites do not have that many images on their front page. When looking into the top 1M websites analysis, it's 60.6% of pages having missing alt texts :(

@darekkay That is pretty darn interesting.
Would you have the raw data per site language?
(just curious)

@accessiblestef Thanks! Unfortunately I don't have such data. I went through all the websites myself, and almost all were in English.

@darekkay I think we could try and do something relying on the html[lang] attribute but I guess it would be overkill just to satisfy my curiosity. :D

Thanks for your reply!

@darekkay I'm not going to lie - that is a nice list to be in 😀

Thanks for compiling it - I discovered more personal websites thanks to it!

@ohhelloana Nice to see you in the 24% of accessible websites! 🎉

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